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It’s Really Happening!!

We just crossed the four weeks mark and it’s starting to get real! The moving container is booked and I’ve broken down all the To-Do’s into weeks, to (hopefully) stay on top of things. I’m dreading the cleaning, but oh so looking forward to starting a completely new life over on the East Coast! I’m beyond thrilled to get going on all the house projects and really making this house our home.

Ever since I first shared the news of us moving to New England, the all present question has been: WHY ARE YOU GUYS MOVING? I usually reply with a big smile, ‘We’re just going on a huge adventure!’

House of Menig - Why We Moved from California to New EnglandSources // STRANDMON Wing Chair | Open Shelving | Blakely Pendant Light for the Kitchen | Grey Bedroom | Lydford Dining Chairs | Patterned Tiles in Shower

And it’s so true. We don’t have jobs lined up, we don’t have family over there – in fact, we don’t know a single soul in New England! It might look scary from the outside, but we’re so very excited about the change. The change in pace, lifestyle and people!

Here’s our reasons for the entire craziness. And maybe – just maybe – our story might inspire others to follow their hearts as well ♥

Seasons & SNOW / A place with very distinctive seasons was super important for both of us. And SNOW! We love the white fluffy stuff and we’re not afraid of freezing temperatures. Having snow right outside our front door has been a huge dream and hopefully New Hampshire won’t let us down in that department!

Lifestyle Change / It’s not that we have the craziest or busiest of lives. And yet, our hearts have been yearning for things to slow down a bit. Breathe! Take a step back and let our hearts rest.

House of Menig - New England Colonial Before

Family / While we’ve been living (maybe a little too) closely with Adrian’s family here in Cali – my family is living far away in Switzerland. I miss them! Lots. And while we’re cutting some ties on one end, we’re getting closer to the other. Geographically speaking, we’ll be just about half way to either side! Not a bad deal, if you ask me!

A New Start / Adrian & I got married super young. Heck, I was just shy of 20!! And while I’m all for getting married young – and maybe it doesn’t even have anything to do with age – we never really had to stand on our own two (ahem, four) feet. It was the safe choice to stay here. It was a comfortable way to live. We had all sorts of emergency nets, but something was truly missing. That feeling of going out into the world and starting OUR family. Even if it’s just the two of us plus doggie Leya.

And while this point is listed last, this is probably the most important reason for this big change of ours. This is the true, deep root of our crazy adventure of leaving everything we know & treasure behind, just to start completely from scratch. Creating a life that reflects us. A life we want to live, every single day.



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