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And We’re Off!

The last 13 months were quite the whirlwind. 13 months ago, we were sitting in our living room, sipping hot tea while the weather outside was cold and blustery. Unusual for a Sunday in September when you live in California.

We were talking about our future, dreaming, thinking about options. That day we said we would move.


Just a few weeks later, we booked some flights out to Boston to scout out New England. It was a stressful trip that didn’t give us that satisfying feeling of ‘yes, this is it!’.

Early in Spring 2016 we said to each other: ‘we’re still young, don’t have kids and if there’s a time to be crazy, this is it!’ So we booked another set of flights for our official house hunting trip.

In June we looked at about 15 homes, all that in 2 1/2 days. We had high hopes for a house we basically had fallen in love through Zillow, but once there, we both independently knew this wasn’t it. The third house on our list was bright, a little awkward, but we saw tons of potential.

Like I said, that trip was nuts. Although it wasn’t a clear ‘yes, this is it!’, it was our best option. We always came back to this house when we compared others. This house was old (check), large (check), had a separate guest area (check), a generous yard (check) and was located in our favorite New Hampshire town (check check check).

We put in an offer, had a thorough home inspection done, cried a little (because the inspection was much scarier than expected) and went back home to California. After re-negotiating and some drama with the bank, we finally booked yet another trip out East and signed the papers. We were homeowners! We were real grown ups!

Today, after finishing up our wedding season, we are ready to roll! Quite literally. We’re heading out this morning, New Hampshire bound. The mile count is somewhere around 3200+ miles. Leya is all packed up and a Starbucks stop is scheduled.

We are crazy excited to start this adventure in New England! We know it won’t all be butterflies & unicorns, but we’re ready for the challenges, the sweat and I guess, even the tears. But most of all, we’re excited to start a new life in a place we chose. A place we want to put down roots at.




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