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The Barn Exterior / Ideas & Going Dark Grey

Right off the bat, we knew that this house definitely needed some TLC on the exterior. The white clapboard has some rough spots and some of the planks of the barn exterior is rotten. But even just the look of the house in it’s current state. Seriously, it reminds me of my pasty colored legs during the Winter months.. There’s just no contrast and it all looks kinda the same. Blah!

new england barn exterior painting

Another huge problem was the entrance situation. The previous owners used the kitchen door as the main side entrance. I’ve lived with a similar situation for over three years in our previous home and I’m DONE with it! Done with the dirt, the dust and the constant twirling around of air (and therefore dog hair!)

The barn entry on the other side is perfection! It has a coat closet already built in and we’re thinking of adding a little mudroom bench and some plank walls with easy peasy hooks.

So I started to play around in Photoshop. I painted the doors black (yum!!), installed some cute barn lights, built a new door frame and added some planters. Lastly I painted the barn in a super dark grey. WOW, what a difference this all made! And best of all, Adrian loves this slightly modern take too!

Now the big question is, will we be able to paint before Winter hits or will we have to wait until Spring? I found some great information on cold weather painting and there’s actually paints out there, that can be used all the way down to 35F weather! We shall see, we shall see…

What do you think? Do you like where this is going?