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Already Two Weeks In!!

You guys, it’s already been over two weeks since we arrived here in beautiful New England and it’s high time to share an update! So much has happened already, but let’s start at the beginning.

The trip was a fast paced affair, with travel days between 500 and 780 miles per day. We basically raced through this beautiful country in five days, tent camping along the way to save time and money for all the house projects that are yet to come.

Then we got to the house. It was FREEZING inside. Like, you could actually see your breath. That freezing. Heating this house is quite the task, there’s two different furnices, a gas stove and a pellet stove. Adrian got three out of four heat sources to work, so at least we’re not turning into icicles anymore LOL

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Shortly after, Adrian went to Home Depot and rented a big floor sander. What he thought would be a two day task, quickly turned into a four day grind. Quite literally. While he was busy in the old main house, I poured my heart into the kitchen front door. It was the ugliest purple color mankind has ever seen. I knew I couldn’t just paint right over it, because the paint was already crackling and looked terrible. So I got some stripper and stripped. The door, not myself. Although I’m sure our neighborhood would have enjoyed that 😉

It took me over two days of hard work – which I will talk about in a separate post one of these days – and two weeks in, the damn door is still not done.

We (and I mean, mainly Adrian) have been raking leaves like maniacs too. Adrian really wanted some mature trees and boy, he got his mature trees now! Including all the leaves that beautifully flutter to the ground… And need to be raked and hauled away. He’s done at least 8 trips to the dump by now, and we are so lucky that we have amazing neighbors that let us borrow their leave blower and trailer!

Talking of neighbors. You guys. People in this town are AWESOME! We’ve met so many of them already and and we were quite surprised at the neighborly friendship everyone has poured upon us already! It’s one of those aspects where we look at each other and say “we couldn’t have picked a better spot to live!”

Right now a gazillion house projects are going on. The floors in the main house need to be spot sanded and whitewashed. Still debating between different methods for the whitewashing.. The front doors are primed and will be painted black later today. YAY! The kitchen is ordered!!!! The pretty cup pulls too! Yep, I stuck to my guns and we’re going high gloss white with brass hardware!! Later this week we’re planning on going on a marble hunting trip, to find the perfect slab. I’ve broken down all the major projects into weeks and hopefully before Christmas we’ll be somewhat done with the big tasks 🙂



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