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Kitchen Reno Plans / Part 2 – The Uppers Situation

Another big issue in our kitchen reno plans was the upper cabinet situation.

Initially I really loved the idea of a single wooden shelf and getting rid of uppers all together! Visually that might have been pretty, but practically… Not so much. Although it’s a decent size kitchen, not having uppers would have taken away too much storage space. Not to forget all the dust and grease that would have built up on everything. Yikes, no thanks!

So we started to brainstorm. I always feared that doing the kitchen with high gloss Ringhult fronts would look too sterile. Especially if EVERYTHING was high gloss and bright white. I played around with ideas, but over and over I came back to this. Glass uppers!

House of Menig / Kitchen Upper Cabinets / Kitchen Reno Plans

Sources // Black Kitchen | Mix n’ Match Kitchen | Grey BODBYN Kitchen

House of Menig / Kitchen Upper Cabinets / Kitchen Reno

Sources // Grey & Brass Kitchen | Pale Blue Kitchen | Soft Grey Kitchen

After many days of not really knowing, I took a risk. I switched out the white high gloss fronts for grey Bodbyn glass fronts! It worked! And it gave the kitchen the exact feel we were hoping to achieve! That mix between modern and old world charm!

House of Menig / Kitchen Upper Cabinets / Kitchen Reno

House of Menig / Kitchen Upper Cabinets / Kitchen Reno

Since the Bodbyn fronts are off-white (or grey), we need to paint these uppers one way or another. I’m really loving a pale blue/grey color. I think this would look really gorgeous and unique in our space! Especially with interior & under cabinet lighting and some brass knobs… ♥

We’re thinking of having the coffee station in the corner below. In the uppers, I’ll house all of our teas, coffee & mugs. I love how the open cabinet breaks up all of the white. Instead of buying it, we want to build it ourselves to match the bookcase in the peninsula. The idea is to age the wood and make it look like the ancient beams that run across the vaulted ceiling.

House of Menig / Kitchen Upper Cabinets / Kitchen Reno

How do you feel about mixing and matching cabinet fronts in the kitchen? Yay or Nay?

Also, if you haven’t read Part 1 of the kitchen reno plans, take a peek at them over here.