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Laundry Room Progress / Plank Walls

It’s pretty funny to think that the laundry room – the one room in this house that has zero importance – is getting a complete makeover first! Lowe’s has some really great Black Friday deals this month, we needed clean clothes and voila! There you go. Shiplap walls, plank floors and nautical shower curtain here we come!

laundry room with faux shiplap walls - house of menig

A few days ago I posted the inspiration board for this room and shared how I fell in love with the nautical shower curtain from IKEA. You guys, it’s PERFECT in this space!!! Sometimes you just need to listen to your gut. But let’s back up a bit.

We started with a pretty boring room. Wiggly laundry nook doors, ugly linoleum floors, random hooks and outdated hardware. Not a room I was excited about. Until I snatched a screwdriver and started to strip it down to its bare bones. Ahh! I was starting to see a beautiful space, a functional one. A room I could be in love with!

white laundry room with plank walls

Since the washer & dryer were ordered, we had to act quickly. Adrian built the plank walls – which was quite the challenge, since this house is crooked in every direction. But he built those walls with a precision I didn’t even know he possessed! Then he caught me staring at those floors. Yikes. With a sigh he said “well, I guess we’ll have to fix those floors then” and off he went to Lowe’s to get a sheet of plywood, had it ripped into 11″ planks and fitted them into the nook. The plan is to finish the floors when we have more time. At the moment we just needed that nook to be ready before the washer & dryer arrived.

white laundry room with plank wallswhite laundry room with plank wallswhite laundry room with plank walls

After priming, caulking and painting a few layers of satin paint over the planks, they look FANTASTIC! Better than I had expected! The floors were a bit of a different story.

I did my fair share of research. Probably more than is actually healthy for a human being. After a lot of back and forth, I settled on staining the plank floors with a white pickling stain from Sherwin Williams. I prepared the boards, got on my hands and knees and started the process. It looked real good! It was white and pretty and I had a hard time containing my excitement. Then I had to wipe off the excess. The red grain came through and the wood didn’t even come close to being as whitewashed as I had expected.

Long story short – and half a meltdown later – the stain didn’t work and I had to figure out a different way to get my floors to look whitewashed and out-of-this-world-amazing! Watered down paint. Don’t worry, I’ll be sharing more about them soon!

white laundry room with plank wallswhite laundry room with plank walls

Today we put back the floorboards and a couple hours later the guys from Lowe’s delivered our appliances! Next up: a pretty wooden top to fold laundry on, some decorations – oh, and finishing the rest of the flooring and of course, some painting of walls and trim!

It’s so good to finally see some real progress!






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