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Modern Farmhouse Laundry Room Makeover / Inspiration Board

As I’m writing this, a freezing wind is howling around the house, blowing leaves all over the place – and we couldn’t be happier to finally live in New England!

But now let’s talk about our modern farmhouse laundry room makeover! After getting slowed down by a certain paint debacle (don’t worry, you’ll get the scoop sooner or later!), I needed to put my hands to work SOMEWHERE else in the house. My focus fell on the laundry / downstairs bathroom. It’s a full bath, with tub and all. It features a little laundry closet and even includes a cool cast iron farmhouse sink. Oh, and a little closet for cleaning supplies and such.

modern farmhouse laundry room by House of Menig

Sources // Shower Curtain | Pretty Cleaning Supplies | Plank Wall | Black Painted Piano | Beautifully Wrapped Soap | Galvanized Barn Lighting

Since the laundry closet is just a couple inches too shallow for modern appliances, I figured that the best solution would be to transform the laundry closet into an open laundry nook. I would make the washer and dryer a pretty focal point, dressing them with a wooden top to fold laundry on, and a wooden shelf above for storage. A white painted plank wall would create more texture and combine the modern with the farmhouse with the nautical. Waaaaaait, what!? Nautical.

I had kinda fallen in love with that shower curtain, the old world nautical pattern is just too perfect to not design a room around it. And I love those colors! But then again, we’re not nautical. We like the ocean, we like to visit sleepy seaside towns, but we’re NOT in any way nautical. And yet, this motive spoke to me and I knew it would all come together, somehow.

The galvanized barn light was yet another piece to the puzzle. And then the soaps, beautifully packaged in black and white paper! I’m planning on getting some cheap soaps at the grocery store and wrapping them in pretty paper. Add a DIYed label to the mix and some cheap soaps would not only look fantastic in a large jar, they could also make the perfect last minute hostess gift! Tadaaa!

What do you think of our modern farmhouse laundry room ideas? Can you see the nautical shower curtain with the modern farmhouse look? 🙂







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