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Remodeling Experience / A Screeching Halt

Last week, we worked like rented mules. Although we’re three people working in this old house right now (my mom flew out from Switzerland to help!! Isn’t she the sweetest??) we only made a dent into our mile long To-Do list. On Saturday night, we had to face the truth of our remodeling experience.

We had bitten off more than we could chew.

remodeling experienceremodeling experience

Not with the entire house. Just with the amount of work we wanted to get done before Christmas. So here’s what we had planned. Finish work completely on the old main house. Sanding, whitewashing floors, re-finishing windows, painting, demolishing the bedroom closet, adding a plank wall. We realize, this alone is a much bigger job than we had expected.

On top of things, we wanted to get that new kitchen in. BEFORE CHRISTMAS! Hallelujah! You guys, that means: kitchen design (check), ordering the IKEA kitchen (check), assembling kitchen cabinets, demolishing old kitchen, sanding & whitewashing existing floors, ordering a wood fire stove (check), installing said stove, re-doing tile floor, installing kitchen cabinets and on top of things, choosing a marble slab, having a measuring meeting with the fabricators and lastly, having the marble countertops installed and sealed.

WHEW!! Looking at these two lists I’m thinking to myself “how the heck were we ever crazy enough to think this could all be done in five weeks!?”

remodeling experience

So, we had to pick projects. And the kitchen came to a screeching halt.

A big weight has fallen off my shoulders. Now we can concentrate on the old main house! We can make everything extra beautiful, work extra careful and create a home we’ll love for years and years to come. The kitchen can come after Christmas. It will give us some additional weeks to find that perfect marble countertop. In my enthusiasm I expected to visit some stoneyards, find a couple options, get an estimate from the fabricator – have it come out on budget or even better, under budget – schedule the measuring meeting and VOILA! New countertops ordered and soon to be installed. Thanks (but no thanks) HGTV for making the remodeling experience look so easy 😉 LOL

Although the whole thing is a bit of a disappointment right now, we’re also excited to have more time to just enjoy the process and get ready for Christmas. Work hard, but maybe not that hard. All the time. Go for afternoon walks. Just take a day off every now and again to explore this gorgeous area we’re living in. All in all it’s not the worst thing that could have happened. And the kitchen will come. Eventually!





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