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Whitewashed Plank Floors

One of my crazy ideas were those beautiful, luscious whitewashed plank floors. If you’re familiar with Scandinavian interior design, you probably already LOVE whitewashed plank floors. They’re unique, they’re bright and they make a room feel super airy. I love how they’re subtle and don’t take center stage, making your pieces shine even brighter. Plus, there’s a serious cozy factor with them too! Hot cocoa and fluffy socks anyone?

Can I tell you a secret? About 95% of the House of Menig will feature whitewashed plank floors!! Yep, you read that right! But let’s back up a second and let me share a few of my inspiration pics I found on the web.

whitewashed plank floors / house of menigSources left / right

A beautiful example of gorgeously, imperfect plank floors! They bring so much life and texture to a space, without adding too much drama.

whitewashed plank floors / house of menigSources left / right

These floors are a bit more polished. See how they make the furniture pop?

whitewashed plank floors / house of menigSource

Even that more elegant, Parisian look is perfectly underlined by whitewashed plank floors!

whitewashed plank floors / house of menigSources left / right

Another perfect example of how beautiful these floors can look! With these pictures, the floors are a bit less white, showing the beautiful grain and knots even more.

We’re planning on giving the ancient wooden floors in the old main house some new life by whitewashing them. Adrian has already sanded them down to the bare wood and all I’m waiting for is for him to finish some last dry walling projects in the bedroom (currently there’s a giant hole in the ceiling!!!), vacuum everything down top to bottom and then getting my hands dirty with pickling stain!

I’ve already tested the stain in the laundry room. You guys, this room is what we call ‘the experimenting room’. We experimented with our first ever plank wall, the plywood floors and now I’m playing around with the pickling stain. It’s fun to see ideas come to life!






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