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In the Nick of Time

The old main house is (almost) done! Some electrical outlets need covers, a couple walls need paint, the windows need curtains – but it’s ready to be moved into! A day later, and we wouldn’t be able to celebrate Christmas Eve in the new and oh so beautiful living room.

It’s not all that much of a tour yet, but would you like to see?


The Living Room is more like a winter wonderland than I had ever imagined it to be. We’re loving our flocked Christmas tree, which is so easy to set up each year!

The new STRANDMON chair in Light Gray from IKEA looks so elegant + cozy on the blonde whitewashed floors! The contrast between the old floors and the all-white wall moldings to the more modern lines and cooler gray tones came out better than I had ever dreamed of ♥


While still living in California, I fell in love with this wall sconce from World Market. It’s so sleek and modern and a perfect contrast to the all-white walls.

A few weeks ago Adrian came home from the transfer station with a gift. Brass candlesticks! I love how brass picks up the warm tones in a room and creates this welcoming atmosphere.

The little GLADOM tray table is from IKEA. Another one of those things I knew would be perfect for this room. The tray top can easily be lifted off the legs, which makes it so practical on top of beautiful!


The bedroom plank wall is also painted and ready to go! It’s so beautiful and gives the room a ton of interest and texture. See the wall sconce? Same one as in the living room, only I spray painted the brass part a matte black. It just felt so right!


That’s it for the moment! Today we’re moving in the couch, set up the bed and if we still have time left, put up the curtain rods and sew up the curtains and a couple cute pillow cases for the bed. Lots to do still, but we’re so very happy with how everything is turning out! For the first time this house feels like a home ♥



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