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Master Bedroom Inspiration / Calm & Scandinavian

Now that we’re getting real close to getting our bedroom done and ready to move into, I’ve collected some master bedroom inspiration and created a mood board for this room. Don’t you just love mood boards too? I think they’re the BEST! These mood boards always help me see the vision and not get side tracked by all the possibilities out there. They also help me share said vision with the hubby, real handy when you need to convince him that a plank wall really is THAT important on a particular wall ♥

Master Bedroom Inspiration / Calm & Scandinavian by House of MenigSources Serene Bedroom & Copper Lights / Laundry Bag by House Doctor / Whitewashed Floors / Plank Walls / White Picture Frame Moldings / Worn Nightstand / Blues & Greys

We never really had a bedroom that was JUST a bedroom or fully decorated for that matter. That’s why I wanted this to be our special place. A cozy master bedroom with a Scandinavian vibe. Simple, beautiful, serene and practical.

When we first set foot into this room, about half a year ago, I immediately knew that the built-in closet needed to be demolished. It was the perfect nook for the bed! Instead I’m looking at the super versatile PAX closets from IKEA. I’m envisioning a corner closet that is being built-in. With crown moldings and all. I love the ability of putting in some drawers as well as shelves and hanging space. So practical!

Master Bedroom Inspiration / Calm & Scandinavian by House of Menig

For the nook where the bed is going to stand, we’re in the process of putting in a lovely large plank wall!! Super excited about that one!!

One more thing that I already have for this room are the curtains. Or the curtain fabric, to be exact. JoAnn’s always has the best deals on fabric during the Black Friday weekend and I snatched a gorgeous, lush, grey shirting fabric (used for making men’s shirts) for $4 a yard!! You guys, this means two windows worth of really beautiful curtains for $24!!





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