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Progress & Updates

Friends, we just finished whitewashing the old main house!!! It feels like a huge milestone. My knees are down to a pulp, my arms are cramping and my wrist is hurting. But it’s all worth it! Now we only need to seal up them floors and by the middle of next week we can move in, just in time for Christmas!


The bedroom plank wall is done too! What an accomplishment on Adrian’s side. That wall, I tell you, was quite the little fighter. The house is crooked in all directions, making it extra difficult to put in a pretty plank wall. Not to mention, Madame requested that the chimney would be wrapped as well…


And then the wood stove arrived! Adrian has switched out the tile flooring in the kitchen entry and the black Jotul stove looks amazing on the concrete look-alike tile we chose.


It’s all starting to come together, which feels really really great. The next projects will be the mudroom wall (yup, ANOTHER plank wall!) with DIY bench, and at some point we need to finish the laundry room. But first we’ll move into the old main house and put up our Christmas tree! We’ve been waiting too long!





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