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Christmas has flown by and we’re waiting for 2017 to be born. One year down, another to go. It was a crazy year, 2016 was. But instead of re-capping on our story of picking up our lives and moving our little family to the East Coast, or telling you about our craziest wedding season to date, let’s look forward instead.

new england winter by house of menignew england winter by house of menig

We’re still in the middle of moving into the old main house! Somehow it’s been taking much more energy than expected to move from one side of the house into the other. I think we’re just a tad exhausted from months of constant, hard work. So we’ve been taking it easy, going for walks during daylight hours (if you ever renovate, you’ll understand what I mean by that) and binge watching the new Netflix series ‘Travelers’.

new england winter by house of menignew england winter by house of menig

The old main house is SO close to being finished! Some window & door trims still need to be painted, a shelf is needed in the sewing room and curtains need to be hung. SO close!

In the mudroom we’ve seen some serious progress too. A plank wall is in place and Adrian got all the supplies to build a custom bench! We’re really excited to bring some order into our boots and coats soon.

The biggest project that’s still looming over our heads however, is the kitchen. We’re planning on starting in early January, and the first task will be to find and finalize the countertop stone. Once that’s in place, we’re basically ready to move forward in full force and hopefully get that kitchen done and ready to enjoy.

new england winter by house of menignew england winter by house of menig

While the whole renovating lifestyle is definitely exciting, interesting + challenging, we’re getting ready to just live and enjoy the work we put into this house. Sit back and gorge our eyes on the whitewashed wood floors (gee, I cannot tell you how absolutely AMAZING they look!!) or just whip up a storm in a kitchen that actually makes a whole lot of sense in its design and setup.

Happy New Year + Thanks for following along on our journey ♥




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