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A Color Debate + We Need Your Help!

Adrian just bought wood to build some pretty + sturdy shelves in the Sewing Nook! It’s exciting, because I have boxes and boxes of craft, sewing and decor supplies that are all in need of a new home. So yes, getting shelves is quite exciting around here.

As home improvements go, it snowballed into a lengthy debate on what color the sewing nook should be. After all, I need to paint the walls before Adrian can put in the shelves. Right from the get-go I loved the idea of doing something fun in this small and confined space. I love love love my all-white walls throughout the house, but this would be the perfect breeding ground to try out some new ideas and step out of my comfort zone a bit.

After hours of weighing my options – and no decision yet – I thought I’d share about the process. After all I can’t be the only one that has a hard time with how to pick the perfect wall color, right?

Pink Walls

I’ve always wanted to paint a wall pink. In fact, a couple of years ago I went through a major ‘pink phase’ and just loved the feminine air it creates. So pink should be a no-brainer. But wait, is this a little too girly at this point in my life? Would I grow sick of it within a short period of time?

How to Pick the Perfect Wall Color by www.houseofmenig.comPink Walls by

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Blue Walls

On the contrary, I’ve been falling head over heals in love with dusty blues. They look fantastic with greys, whites and even blacks. It’s definitely more moody and serene in a way. Maybe more cozy? It’s a North/East facing room and my main concern with blue walls is that the room might get a tad too cold.

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Grey Walls

And so we come to a light grey. It’s the safe option. It’s soft and calm, maybe a little boring, but it can be easily dressed up with pops of colors throughout the seasons. It’s easy, pretty and maybe a little bland. But while it’s all of that, it would also be the most timeless color of the three.

How to Pick the Perfect Wall Color by www.houseofmenig.comGrey Walls by

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How to Pick the Perfect Wall Color

From all my back and forth, I’ve discovered a few things you can ask yourself when you’re trying to choose the perfect color for your walls.

ONE / How do you want to feel in the room? Creative, calm, cozy?

TWO / Do you want the color of said room to go well with the rest of the house?

THREE / Should the color be timeless?

FOUR / Invest a few $ into color samples! It’s your sure-fire way to see a little color swap in a bigger area, giving you a better idea of what the color really looks like.

FIVE / If all fails, the walls are painted and you hate it, it’s a relatively simple and inexpensive mistake to fix ♥


And now, I’d love to hear from you – which color would you pick for my craft/sewing nook?? Pink, Blue or Grey?? Please leave a comment below, I would really appreciate your help ♥






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