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How to Whitewash Wood Floors / The Story Part 2

After half a meltdown, the floors in the craft/sewing room were finally whitewashed (read all about how to whitewash wood floors in Part 1) and all we had to do before using the room, was to apply a sealer. Easier said than done! But before we dive into the story, can we please just take a moment and appreciate the transformation? Aaaahhh! We’re getting somewhere with this!

rahelmenigphotography_1389How to Whitewash Wood Floors by House of Menig

Okay then! I had heard good things about this Varathane sealer. It’s made for floors and becomes real hard, even resisting doggie claws. Important for us since Leya is a 90+lb puppy girl. This stuff was hard to find! None of the stores in the area had it in stock, so I had to order it on Amazon.

A few days of waiting and the gallon of sealer arrived safe and sound.

Whitewashing Wood Floors by House of Menig

Wearing freshly washed socks (trust me, this is so important when you’re living in a complete construction zone 😉 ) I tip-toed onto my white floors, vacuuming them gently and carefully to remove any leftover dust and dirt. Then I opened the can of sealer and with a 3 inch brush, I started to brush away. On the bucket it had said not to use a roller, although I’ve read other people use rollers or special applicators with success. I personally don’t mind scootching around on the floor and seeing exactly what I’m doing. I’m a little OCD when it comes to these kinda things…

Anyways, back to the floors. I brushed on the first coat, making sure to work my way back out the door. For the most part, I brushed one board at a time, slightly letting the edges overlap for best coverage. It’s really hard to see where you’ve got the sealer on, so working on the floors where you can easily tilt your angle to see where it’s shiny and where not, worked really well.

How to Whitewash Wood Floors by House of MenigWhitewashed Floors by House of Menig

Now, here’s where it gets a little tricky. My floors yellowed.

Not a ton, just a bit. The whitewash looked nice and bright and ultra white. With the first coat of sealer on, they became a more woodsy look again. It was disappointing, and frustrating for most parts. There’s barely any information on whitewashing wood floors on the internet and I was figuring things out as we went. Yellowing was not included in my calculations.

I let the first coat dry completely and assessed the damage. It wasn’t AMAZING and definitely not what I had expected. It wasn’t absolutely horrible either though. Just somewhere in the ‘meh’ zone. After discussing it with Adrian and my mom, I went back for the second coat that same day. It yellowed a little bit more.

That night I felt like ripping out my hair! I had read just about every review on that sealer and people said it wouldn’t yellow. The next day I looked at the floors again and felt like it was good enough. Not what I had gotten excited about in the planning phase, but it was actually kinda pretty too. Different, but pretty.

How to Whitewash Wood Floors by House of Menig

On to the third and final coat. On the bucket it says to apply three coats, lightly sand and apply a fourth and final coat. I felt like sanding or a fourth coat was not all that necessary. Not in the upstairs rooms anyways. Quickly enough I realized, that sanding wouldn’t be the dumbest idea after all. Some of the boards had patches where the grain of the wood had risen – not really a problem if you ask me, but socks could get caught slightly and may or may not bother me in the future. We don’t want that!

I found some 320 grit sand paper and lightly (!!) sanded away the patches. Mind you, there were boards already painted and therefore tacky right next to my sanding endeavors! With a tack cloth I wiped up the dust and brushed on that final layer of sealant.

The finish of the satin sealer is AMAZEBALLS!!! It’s just a bit shiny, but not in that high glossy look. It’s a smooth shiny, if you know what I mean. And the feel is nothing short of silky! So other than the slight yellowing I couldn’t be happier with the look and feel of the sealer.

rahelmenigphotography_1390How to Whitewash Wooden Floors by House of Menig










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