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My Experience with Wall Paint

Friends, when we posted the Sewing Nook Grey, Pink or Blue Debate, we didn’t expect so many of you to care! But you did and it blew us away! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the matter!

Since it was really fun to see the votes rolling in, I thought I’d share the results with you and announce the winning color we eventually chose.

Grey: 31  |  Blue: 37  |  Pink: 23

We also got additional votes and suggestions: Yellow 2x, Silvery Light Blue 2x, Peach, Orangey-Pink, Mauve, Light Cream, White, Light Olive Green + Sage Green

And lastly a hashtag: #firstworldprobs (#whatcoloristhat?)

DIY Craft Room Shelves by

I was super torn between a light grey – for ease of changing out decorations and its timelessness – and a dusty blue. It was so hard making this decision, because I really loved each and every color so so very much. If the choice would have been yellow, sage green + any of the actual options, it would have been a breeze! In the end we both felt like the blue would be the more exciting option for the room, the option with the most amount of (calculated) punch.

The color I eventually picked was Mild Wind Blue by Glidden, the paint sample in the middle below.

DIY Craft Room Shelves by

Off to Lowe’s we ran to pick up the color and a few hours later I stepped back to observe my work.

It was VERY blue.

Let’s be honest here for a second. I very much considered re-painting to either a very light grey or simply go back to white. I almost did it too. It just seemed like the blue was too powerful. Too colorful. In fact, I pretty much hated it.

DIY Craft Room Shelves by

The last few months have been the highest in making major decisions. From small ones to pretty big ones. From fixable ones to completely unfixable ones. Small things like front door colors to big ones like kitchen designs. Long story short, I was running on fumes in the decision making department.

So, what’s a girl to do? Ask hubby! And hubby said “I’ll put up your shelves (so we can finally move on with this *%&#@ project!), and you can repaint whenever you’re ready” Okay. So Adrian put up my shelves and all of a sudden, the blue started to look less blue and actually quite pretty. Still, a little too punchy and unusual for my particular taste, but good enough. For the moment I’m going to give it a good run for its money and maybe down the road I might try my luck with a soft grey. And if all fails, back to white!

DIY Craft Room Shelves by

If you want to see how Adrian created the shelves, stick around for a tutorial. It’s so simple, inexpensive and really quite gorgeous (not to mention, super practical!)