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IKEA Kitchen Reno / Change of Plans…

The weeks are flying and we’re already three weeks into our IKEA kitchen reno project! Things are going great, although…. We changed our plans on the kitchen design!! Last minute style. Not really what you’re supposed to do, but oh well 😉

Week 3 / Prepping for the New Kitchen + Change of Plans

This week we started off by taking down the large brick oven wall, one brick at a time. I was able to save the bricks for a future project, probably using them in the garden once Spring comes around. Excited for that! Next off was prepping the floors for sanding and pulling some additional electrical cables for the new appliances. Adrian spent many hours in our barely-there-crawlspace, worming around in the dust. And lastly – and maybe most importantly – we had to change our plans on the kitchen design!

New Kitchen by House of Menig

Brick by brick. Removing the wall took almost a day, cost a bloody thumb, but all was worth it in the end! The room already looks so much more open. Bonus, the heat from the wood stove finally goes into the kitchen and even into the living room!

Old Bricks by House of MenigKitchen Reno by House of Menig

Adrian hammering up the concrete slab underneath the brick wall…

White Kitchen by House of MenigKitchen Renovation IKEA by House of Menig

Someone left this magazine cover for us to find! Date: May 19, 1951

Kitchen Reno by House of MenigInsulating Kitchen Floors by House of Menig

Time to insulate the gaping holes that lead straight into the crawl space/basement!

IKEA kitchen plans by House of Menig

And lastly, a quick sketch of the new kitchen plans. We’re changing out the peninsula area (left) to get a bit more countertop space. Also, the uppers got a revamp – we’re going to give the single floating shelf a good shot for its money! Excited to make the room feel more airy & light. The other side gets a custom made wine rack with a 30″ upper cabinet to store the not so pretty things in.


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