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IKEA Kitchen Reno / Just So Exhausted!

What a week it’s been! After all these weeks of going strong, these past days seemed to be especially challenging for us. All the decision making, all the pressure, all the unknowns.. It has finally caught up with us and all we can say is: SO EXHAUSTED!

Week 5 / Just So Exhausted!

This week we talk about how exhausting a kitchen remodel can get, especially when you’re feeling like you’re camping inside your house for weeks. We share what happened during our countertop measuring and how double and tripple checking measurements and estimates is a good idea. Lastly we talk about our appliance wall and how fantastic the soft close MAXIMERA drawers feel.

Kitchen Remodel Progress by House of Menig

The view from the dining area into the kitchen, everything is ready for the appliance wall!

Kitchen Remodel by House of Menig

But before we assembled the appliance wall, Adrian asked me to paint a little Swiss scene right onto the walls, to leave a little treasure for the next family to remodel our house! As a homage to our roots, I painted some Swiss mountains with a milk cow and a white goat 🙂 Okay guys, I know this looks like a little kid did it, but it was quite fun just to ‘mess up’ a wall like that!

Kitchen Remodel by House of MenigKitchen Remodel by House of Menig

And then up went the tall cabinets! We started with the far right pantry cabinet, then the micro/oven cabinet and lastly, we hauled in the fridge.

Kitchen Remodel by House of Menig

Since the wall isn’t at a right angle, the pantry cabinet is about 4 inches away from the wall! This way it actually looks like the angles are correct, but we weren’t able to use the hanging system IKEA provides with their SEKTION cabinets (which is AMAZING by the way!!). So what are two people to do? We used the fridge and heavy-duty shimmed up the fridge top cabinet, screwed it between the two tall cabinets and: tadaaaa….

Kitchen Remodel Installing Appliance Wall by House of MenigKitchen Remodel Appliance Wall by House of Menig

This kitchen is really coming together, one step at a time!

Kitchen Remodel by House of Menig

Checking out my pretty brass cup pulls and jumping up and down inside 😀

Kitchen Remodel by House of Menig

And just to keep this story brutally honest: our temporary kitchen set-up….. Everything is a mess and a juggle, but somehow we’ve been able to feed ourselves so far LOL


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