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AirBnB New Hampshire / The Barn Room

We’ve started renovating our AirBnB New Hampshire Barn Room! The ugly plush, green carpets are a piece of history! Taking them out brightened up the entire upper floor so much, it’s quite unbelievable. And we couldn’t be more thrilled!

airbnb new hampshire barn room remodel

Quick recap to give you the lay of the lands.. The Barn Room is the larger of two rooms on the second floor of the barn. We call it the barn, well, because back in the day that’s what it was. Now it’s renovated with two bedrooms, a spacious bathroom and it’s separate entrance. Really, it’s pure perfection for our future guests ♥

airbnb new hampshire barn room remodelairbnb new hampshire barn room remodel

What started as a ‘quick and simple’ reno, has quickly turned into a larger project. The shower has been leaking and instead of just prettying up the bathroom, we’re knee deep into our first bathroom remodel! LOL (I’m secretly super excited, because now we get to create a gorgeous spa-like bathroom, fit for a king – or queen!)

airbnb new hampshire barn room remodelairbnb new hampshire barn room remodel

I haven’t put a concrete design board together for this room yet, but I’m determined to make this the most cozy bedroom on AirBnB New Hampshire! I want this room to be inspiring as well as super comfortable, calm and serene. I want this room to be oozing HYGGE! (have you ever heard of this?)

While I’m typing this, Adrian is working on putting in new wide plank floors – plywood style! You guys, I’ve been drooling over plywood floors for months and can’t wait to see them coming together in our own house!

The plan is to whitewash the floors just like we did the dining room and the old main house. We’ve found that whitewashing really brightens up the space. It helps to bounce around light and it also creates a beautiful, calm starting point to bring in cozy items. Yes, I think I’m hooked on whitewashing floors 😉 LOL




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