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Craft Room Inspiration

Remember my open debate on paint colors for the craft room, specifically, the sewing nook? Yup. I ended up going blue and it just wasn’t the right color for the room. (You can read all about it here)

So, fresh start! Since the blue just didn’t work out, I had to revisit the entirety and eventually chose a new direction for the room. We’re going pink and feminine! After all, it’s a CRAFTS & SEWING ROOM 😀

craft room in rose quartz pink

The idea is to repaint the blue walls a super soft, barely-there pink. Underneath the window in the closet, I want to install a little built-in desk. Basically the floors are so slanted in this room, that the pretty little sewing table I previously had in there is tilting forwards, making sewing rather dangerous…

I LOVE the idea of a round table for the room itself, but with the floors so shifty, I’m not sure if that’s going to be doable. Very possibly we’ll have to build something and shiv the legs to the correct position, otherwise it might very well be a party of wiggle wags…

pink sewing and craft room inspiration

For the rest of the craft room I want to keep things crisp and white. I’m envisioning this cute felt lampshade dangling above the table and peppering the space with accents of grey & gold.

I’ve got some ideas for incorporating faux or DIYed flowers, but more on that once the room is actually coming together!