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Just Pretty Vignettes

The last couple of weeks we’ve been taking it easy. No major reno work. Just (trying to) relax, read books and fueling up our energy tanks for the next projects.

My office is in complete chaos. Boxes are still sown all over the floor. My desk is gently rocking back and forth as I type. Four absolutely random chairs, piles of framed and unframed art as well as the occasional paint can. All compiling to a giant mess.

That’s just one room! Imagine what the rest of the house looks like…

And all I want to do, is finally MOVE IN. Make this house our home. Place furniture, hang art, buy area rugs, organize. And yet, I’m greatly lacking energy. For any of it.

While trying to come up with some doable inspiration boards, room by room, I see the sun shining into the window. Her warmth is a daily reminder that Spring is just around the corner. And Spring means gardening. And gardening means making plans. And making plans means… You get the point.

So while most rooms are in utter chaos still, I’m looking through my camera lens, a nice long zoom lens. 85mm or even better, the 105mm. I look through the lens to only see pretty details. Because right now, life is all about vignettes. Just pretty vignettes.

just pretty vignettes bedroom by house of menig



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