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DIY Credenza // Part 2

Remember the story of our DIY credenza we shared a couple weeks back? We had bought the IKEA kitchen cabinets, assembled them, attached them to the wall and installed the doors.

The only thing left was the wooden top.

So we ran to Lowe’s (seriously, it’s our second home!!) and picked up some pretty 1 by 12’s, 12 feet long. These babies don’t come cheap and were around $28 each! We needed two. So roughly 60 bucks. Back home I was rather surprised at how yellow and intense in color they were. Not quite what I was going for in the first place… To give it a shot, I put one of the boards atop the DIY credenza and… Oooooh, how I wished I could have just loved it!

DIY Credenza by House of Menig

Here’s the thing. Our kitchen slash dining room is VERY white. I mean, we love white, but it was getting a little… well, white. That’s why my genius idea was to bring in a little bit more raw wood to warm things up. Unfortunately though, what really happened was it created a verrrry yellow focal point. It screamed ‘Hey there stranger!!! I’m a sideboard and I’m supposed to warm things up in this room!!!’ Not cool! And BTW, in pictures the wooden top actually looks really quite pretty!!! But the reality is, in person it was a completely different (yellow) story…

So, back to the drawing board – aka – playground. Off went the wood to see what the sideboard would look like if left white.

DIY Credenza by House of Menig

Leaving it white was not right either. I LOVE white on white, but this was going too far. (Also, white on white always looks a heck of a lot better in a sea of natural light. In shade? Not so much.)

Then my genius idea hit me. Why not use some leftover drawer liners instead? On went a couple of strips I had laying around. Yes, it worked! The Grey color of the felt liners has variations, so the effect is absolutely beautiful! It creates just the right amount of contrast in a sea of white, yet it doesn’t draw too much attention.

DIY Credenza by House of Menig

So, yesterday I finally went at it and cut the felt liners to the right size and glued them to the top. Yes, you read quite correctly 😉 Hot glue is probably my favorite tool! I used four lines (which ran me around $30) and if I ever change my mind in the future, I can easily dis-assemble the entire thing and use the liners in the shallow drawers that are still liner free.

This felt liner top gives the DIY credenza such a warm look and feel. And boy, it fits perfectly with the marble top in the kitchen!! For such a huge piece of furniture (after all, it’s 120 inches of pure storage!) it has such a low impact on the room overall, which I adore.

DIY Credenza by House of MenigDIY Credenza by House of Menig

The last bits and pieces consist of installing some pretty knobs, cutting a couple of holes into the top to feed the lamp cords directly to the outlets (no cable salad!!!) and lastly, I’m seeing a picture ledge between the lamps.

For the moment though, I’m having fun showcasing some favorite finds & treasures on the sideboard, including my brand spanking new lamps by Tommy Bahama, my favorite square candle holder by House Doctor, a bunch of design magazines (including the Swedish Lantliv) and a twig of forsythia I foraged in our own yard 🙂

DIY Credenza by House of MenigDIY Credenza by House of MenigDIY Credenza by House of Menig

The three-way lamps give off such a beautiful soft light that covers the entire room in a warm, cozy glow. Honestly, I would have never thought that I’d ever get SO excited about light and lamps and bulbs and wattage and lumens 😉 LOL

DIY Credenza by House of MenigDIY Credenza by House of MenigDIY Credenza by House of MenigDIY Credenza by House of Menig






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