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Does the Perfect Area Rug Exist?

I’ve just been spending the last few hours scouring the internet for scandinavian area rugs. I’m looking for something in grey tones, something that will hide dirt and doggie hair well >> Leya’s Spring shedding season is just around the corner… and something that’s easy to clean.

One thing I’ve learned is that pulling a few images together that best describe what I’m going for, can be a life saver! It gives me a visual assurance and acts almost like a guideline. Especially when you’re shopping online and not only do you encounter thousands of options, but it’s also a PAIN to return a piece if all goes wrong… It gives you that: YES this could be an option or NOPE, it’s pretty but doesn’t align with my style.

So, here’s my inspiration for this rug. I’m going for Scandinavian style, muted colors in a sea of white with hints of black and natural wood. BTW, this rug will be for the lounge area in the kitchen/dining space with high traffic. That’s why I’m stressing the easy to clean/hiding dirt thing – not because we’re living like pigs 😉

scandinavian living room rugs by house of menig

Left we have a simple kilim rug. A flatwoven area rug in a medium grey tone. I love how it gives just the right amount of contrast to the all white interiors of this living room.

Opposite we have a GENIUS idea! This lady opted to lay out some linen fabric as a rug! I’m tempted! Really. A great advantage is also: you can easily wash this baby every so often! Genius, right??

scandinavian living room rugs by house of menig

Next up we have a black/white woven rug. It’s definitely a bit darker, but still has that cozy feel to it. I think it would probably hide dirt pretty darn well too!

On the right side we have some type of a flatwoven grey/ivory rug. A perfect backdrop for the black metal tables and basket. Really quite darling, but dirt? Eeehh…

scandinavian living room rugs by house of menig

These two I also had to throw in. On the left we have what looks like a kilim rug with a black pattern printed over it. These look really pretty and are definitely full on trend.

Lastly we have a gorgeous braided wool rug. If we didn’t have a huge dog, I would love something like this! Maybe a small version in the bedroom?

Here are my top favorite grey Scandinavian area rugs:

scandinavian area rugs

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Now the question remains, which one will be the perfect match?



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