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Raised Garden Beds in the Making

Whew, you guys! We’ve been putting EVERYTHING into the barn – or the guest quarters – the last couple of weeks! New floors throughout, complete bathroom reno and now I’m putting on the finishing touches in my department: the decor! Honestly, the transformation is amazing and I wish we could clone ourselves and move our double selves right into the barn 😉 LOL

Bathroom Reno by House of Menig

So on that note, there will be pictures in a few weeks, once everything is ready for our AirBnB guests!!

The other all-consuming project has been (and still is) the garden. Spring has sprung and we’re in the process of making all sorts of major decisions for the outdoors. When we first saw the house, the yard was unkept and quite ugly. Now glorious possibilities are emerging!

We began with the most pressing matter, the veggie garden. I grew up seeing my mom and both my grandmas gardening, heck, when I was little my grandma even let me have my own little plot once. What did I grow, you ask? Carrots! Not because I love carrots all that much, but because they attract swallow tail butterflies….. I was quite the nature girl 😉

Back in March, I started an experiment called Winter Sowing. It’s a hands-off approach to raising your own plants from seed, without having to fuss over them for weeks. Basically you craft these make-shift tiny greenhouses out of milk jugs (and other containers), sow your seeds in the middle of winter to early spring and let nature take it from there. I’m happy to report that my experiment has been a full success!! It may not have looked so pretty, all this trash sitting around the kitchen entry, buuut I have plenty of healthy veggie seedlings growing that can soon be transplanted into the raised garden beds!

New England Vegetable Gardening Plans by House of MenigNew England Vegetable Gardening Plans by House of MenigWinter Sowing by House of Menig

We decided to create raised garden beds and make it a liveable space at the same time. Nothing beats versatility and functionality if you’re Swiss LOL

The nine beds were built in one afternoon, and they’re really quite simple to make. For each 6×4′ raised garden beds, we bought two boards 2 inches thick, 12 inches wide and 10 feet long. Then we cut them into 6 + 4 foot pieces and assembled the beds with outdoor screws.

Raised Garden Beds New England Vegetable Gardening Plans by House of Menig

We started out the first plot of beds with stakes already attacked to the corners. Later though, as we banged them into the ground, we had to remove the stakes, bang them in first and then attach the beds to the stakes. It was the only way to truly align the beds.

How to Build a Raised Garden Bed by House of MenigHow to Build a Raised Garden Bed by House of Menig

The veggie garden as it’s coming along…

New England Vegetable Gardening Plans by House of MenigHow to Build a Raised Garden Bed by House of MenigHow to Build a Raised Garden Bed by House of Menig

Miss Leya just loooooves to be part of everything. Such a great + happy pup!

How to Build a Raised Garden Bed by House of Menig

As you can see, we really wanted to stay away from a square box type of garden. Instead we wanted something unique and interesting to the eye. I think we accomplished these tasks! I cannot help myself looking outside the windows and just getting so excited for the next step – putting in soil and finally transplanting my seedlings into their new home!

Eventually there will be a pretty pathway leading up to the garden, with a large archway covered in climbing roses at the entrance. I’m also thinking of adding extra interest by building a cucumber trellis for the far back middle bed, as well as two vertical obelisks for pole beans or other climbers.



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