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The AirBnB Guest Suite REVEAL!!!

It’s been weeks since we started and we finally finished our AirBnB guest suite this past Saturday! So much went into this place and we couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out!

AirBnB Guest Suite in Amherst NH

We originally had gotten our heads stuck on a more rustic room decor. Something with a bit of farmsy in mind, since we’ve been calling this space ‘the Barn Room’ right from the get go. Well, the rustic just didn’t feel right. Then it hit us. Why not take our usual inspiration of Scandinavian minimalism and create a super cozy, bright and airy room instead?

Please don’t judge, because DUH! why wouldn’t we think of that earlier..? LOL

AirBnB Guest Suite in Amherst NHAirBnB Guest Suite in Amherst NHAirBnB Guest Suite in Amherst NHAirBnB Guest Suite in Amherst NHRahelMenigPhotography_2009AirBnB Guest Suite in Amherst NHRahelMenigPhotography_2011RahelMenigPhotography_2012RahelMenigPhotography_2013AirBnB Guest Suite in Amherst NHRahelMenigPhotography_2015

I’m still feeling like adding a few decor pieces here and there, but for now we’re ready to rock this baby on AirBnB! In case you want to stay with us and enjoy our beautiful New England village, you can book your stay right here 🙂

We just cannot wait to start hosting our guests and share with them this picturesque & quaint town we get to call our new home!



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