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The Making Of the AirBnB Guest Suite

We finally finished our AirBnB Guest Suite and before we reveal the space tomorrow, let’s get down and dirty in the stories that lead to this end result!

AirBnB Guest Suite in Amherst NH

We started by ripping out the ugly, green wall to wall carpet. It felt like a breeze of fresh air once this monster was out.



Next we installed the wide plank plywood floors. Yes, you read that right – plywood floors! I’ve seen it on Pinterest and always hoped to one day give it a shot. And I gotta say, these floors really look fantastic and feel super comfy to walk on!


To give the suite that light and airy feel, we then whitewashed the plank floors and sealed them up for durability. I know I’ve said it before, but white floors are fantastic to work with! You can just about pull any decor style off with them, as they’re this understated beauty that doesn’t ask for a spotlight, and yet, it’s so unusual that you just have to look.

This time around we did the whole roller thing instead of wiping in the paint on knees and hands with a rag. We used watered down primer in a 50/50 formula. Doing this with the roller makes things go so swift and easy! I started with the brush, doing all the walls and around doors and corners, then Adrian came in with the big roller to finish up the room.


The bathroom got a full overhaul as well. The old shower was small and even worse, had a nasty leak in the shower pan that had been half-heartedly fixed in previous years. Out with the old, in with the new. Easier said than done, as not one of the walls has a right angle or is perfectly straight…


We fell in love with the concrete look-alike walls by UTile and went with a Maax glass shower system. The splurge was the rain shower head and sprayer. OH MY GOODNESS!! This shower is a dream! Like seriously, can we please move into the barn side of our house?


The previous sink was a cute pedestal sink, which I love in a powder room, but not in a full bathroom. There’s just not enough room on top for your essentials, so we went with an IKEA sink cabinet with drawers which gives our guests plenty of storage.


For the floors we were really really torn between tile and wood floors. The problem with tile is, it gets so uncomfortably cold in the winter – that is, if you don’t have floor heating. And wood floors… Oh wood floors… They are our (not so) secret love affair. We ended up deciding to be bold and installed a shiplap plank floor! The overlapping feature of these planks gives just a tad more protection against water – and of course, we whitewashed and sealed it up REAL good.


Yep, and that’s it for the story of our guest area that we’re going to list on AirBnB! Tomorrow we’ll share the full reveal of the place 🙂



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