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Garden Update

My goodness, over a month since the last blog post! So much has been happening, especially in the veggie garden. Remember when I took you on a little garden tour, back in June? Boy oh boy, things have grown since then! Let’s take a peek at the garden 1 1/2 months later.

easy vegetable gardening tips

Things are growing and overgrowing! The raised garden beds Adrian made are holding up super well and are starting to get their pretty grey color.

easy vegetable gardening tips

I’ve planted Brussel’s Sprouts as an experiment and they are loving the North Eastern weather. Dill also grows plentifully and so do cucumbers and zucchinis… To the point where they seem to come out of our ears LOL

easy vegetable gardening tips

But my full and complete pride are my 35 tomato plants! Yep, thirty five. In California they grew really well and produced quite a bit, but I had no clue how well they would do in our zone 5 climate. Let me tell you, they LOVE it! Humidity and all. They also are producing even better than my Cali plants. It seems that every single blossom turns into a gorgeous green fruit. It’s quite amazing!

It’s really difficult to wait for these pretties to turn from green to red (and orange and black/green/purple/red), but my pots are prepped and the Mason Jars are cleaned – we’re ready for a tomato sauce conserving marathon!

easy vegetable gardening tips

Where the abundance of Spring lettuce used to grow, I have sown a few rows of carrots. They love the shade of the tomatoes and are almost ready to be plucked out of their dirt beds.

easy vegetable gardening tipseasy vegetable gardening tips

Herbs are growing too. They are the only thing I didn’t plant by seed, but bought as little plants.

easy vegetable gardening tips

The back row – where the Raspberries were supposed to grow, but didn’t – we have some beautiful squash sprawling across the lawn. I planted them first and foremost as Fall decor, but who knows, maybe some of them might get gobbled right up 🙂