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Painting the Barn // Part 2

The color was picked (Part 1) and off we went onto prepping the barn. Screwing in some loose boards, adding a board to the bottom for extra protection and spackling up holes. We also took down the barn door hardware which will receive a new spray paint job before it’s going back up again.


Then, one sunny morning, we covered up the windows and doors! My goodness, that was a job! It took the both of us over 2 hours, cutting paper and taping it up.


PS: Above you can see Adrian’s new wood shed, made out of recycled wood 😉 Since we’re skipping building the garage this year, we still need a space to store the lawn mower, the snow blower as well as some extra fire wood. Oh, and gardening tools like all the shovels and rakes and stuff.


By noon we were finally done with the prep work and Adrian started painting! He had purchased a neat little spray gun, which made the job OH SO EASY!! For the tippity top he used our neighbors 40ft ladder (thank you Dave!!) and I won’t exaggerate when I say I was praying the whole time that nothing would happen up there… I’m terribly afraid of heights and seeing my love on any wobbly ladder, just working away, sends goose bumps all over my back.


It seems to be a curse, but getting the EXACT right paint color seems to be impossible. Remember how we picked the beautiful, smoky dark Peppercorn by Sherwin Williams? Yeah well… The color we ended up getting was just a little off. You know, just enough where it bugs you, but not enough to make a fuss over it. The above left image shows the top color being Peppercorn, and sprayed onto it is whatever shade we ended up using for the barn.


The backside of the barn after the first coat, and below, what it used to look like 🙂


Adrian ended up spraying two coats in under 3 hours! That’s quite the accomplishment. We were so glad we had invested into that spray gun, which will make painting the rest of the house so much easier and faster too.

Now the last bit is painting the window frames as well as framing the barn door with new boards. We had originally planned on keeping the window casings dark, but ended up deciding that they need to stand out after all. So, back to the paint brush 😉



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