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Painting the Barn // Part 1

Guys, this is so very exciting! We have picked a color and are about to get cracking on painting the barn! Eeeeks all around!

But let’s back up a little bit to last Summer. Remember when I introduced you all to our idea of going nice and dark, to make the white part of the house pop? I basically came up with that idea while playing in PhotoShop. I was trying to figure out the color of the doors and well, the barn.

new england barn exterior painting

The idea was to paint that same Fall, but the weather didn’t cooperate (surprise surprise) so the project was pushed to 2017. And NOW we’re ready to rock!

First things first – paint samples! Now if you think it’s difficult to pick a color for a room, picking a color for an entire part of the house is even more tricky.

painting the barn - House of Menig

Up went the samples and we picked two to test out (the upper middle and upper right color)

painting the barn - House of Menig

Here’s the thing. Grey is an especially difficult color to pick, because it can have just about any color tint. From green to yellow to blue to purple and everything in between. It’s not easy. After painting the first two samples we knew that the darker color was too green and the lighter grey just felt too ‘elephanty’ if that makes any sense.

So back to the drawing board and two more samples later, we got us a winner!

painting the barn - House of Menig

Adrian had painted on the second batch of samples and called me out. I saw it on his face that we had found our color. The grin, people, the grin 😉

We ended up picking the upper right color called Peppercorn by Sherwin Williams. It’s the perfect dark slate grey with a warm undertone. Funny thing is, months ago, when I played around in PhotoShop, looking at paint samples in our old house, Peppercorn was what I secretly thought might be THE color. I wish we have more of those “HA! I knew it!” moments LOL

painting the barn - House of Menig

While we’re talking about painting the house and stuff, I thought I’d show you a little section of the house that Adrian scraped and primed while I was in California shooting weddings. What a difference it makes! Once that barn is painted, we’ll dedicate our lives to the crackling clapboard of the old main house. Lots of work ahead!

painting the barn - House of Menig

We (and really, I mean Adrian) also cleaned up the front of our house. He did such a good job on digging up the existing boarder bricks, adding a rain splash and planting me some pretty Pinky Winky Hydrangeas 🙂 There’s still more planting to be done, but for now it looks so much more cleaned up than it ever did.