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How to Create a Gallery Wall

I’m the kinda girl that ends up with 3-5 holes in the wall to hang 1 frame. Not kidding. Don’t you ever dare to look behind any of my art pieces LOL So let me share with you how to create a gallery wall of five frames and end up with exactly 5 holes in the wall!

Unlike my usual “oh let’s just eye ball this” approach I decided I wanted to honor Adrian’s hard work of putting up faux shiplap in our bedroom (which we LOVE by the way!) and plan this gallery wall out to the last bits.

how to create a gallery wall for cheap

How to Create a Gallery Wall – Supplies:

  • Picture Frames in different sizes
  • Packing Paper, Ruler, Pen, Knife, Cutting Mat
  • Washi Tape
  • Nails, Hammer

Step 1

To combat my fear of making an overly busy gallery wall, I decided to stick with whites and blacks for frames. The white wooden frames have been with us for over 7 years and were from the Dollar Tree! Not all junk is short lived!! Proven right here! After a quick Michael’s trip I ended up with two black skinny frames, one a 12×12 and the other one an unusual 12×18. I love that weird off-size, as it gives the grouping an interesting feel. I played around on the floor a bit, until I liked the arrangement.

There are many different ways of making a gallery wall. You can select frames that are all the exact same, different styles but same color, different color but same style, completely mismatched or a combination of it all. I personally prefer the two toned approach where you have a color scheme, but play around with sizes and styles. It’s casual, yet sophisticated.


Step 2

Unravel all of your frames and use the glass to mark out the measurements on the packing paper. Next cut out the shapes with a knife and ruler. This, my lovely readers, is the key to the ‘one hole a frame’ success. Don’t skip this step 😉


Step 3

Now you can simply tape up your paper shapes with some washi tape and make sure, your gallery wall is exactly where you want it to be. I totally eye balled the spaces in between, but as a rule of thumb go anywhere between 2 and 4″, depending on the size of the wall, size of frames and amount of frames.


Step 4

Once you’re happy with your wall of paper shapes, measure out the exact spot where your nails need to go and mark them with an X right onto the paper.

To make your life extra easy and simple hammer in your nails right through the paper. VOILA! Tear down your little paper shapes and you are done! Onto choosing and framing your art – if you haven’t done so already!

how to create a gallery wall

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