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How to Make Modern Letter Art // FREEBIE

It’s the last DIY post for our lovely bedroom gallery wall, and today I’m going to share how to make modern letter art! These pieces of art are SO much fun and really create a pop of modern and lend some fun personality to walls in any room! Wanna learn? Buckle up, here we go!

Master Bedroom Gallery Wall

How to Make Modern Letter Art – Supplies:

Step 1

First up, open the Silhouette software and get creative! Play around with different fonts, sizes and variations. Anything goes! To make your letter art more interesting, use two different fonts in two different sizes. I love how the “cuddle” really stands out.

If you like my letter art, feel free to download the FREEBIE file here 🙂 Enjoy!!


Step 2

Once you’re done creating, hit the CUT button and off you go! See my great-grand-mother of a Silhouette? I think this beast is like 6+ years old and working with her is always a huge hit and miss LOL It might just be time to finally upgrade again!

how to create modern letter arthow to create modern letter art

Step 3

Take out your letters carefully and start placing them on the backdrop. I like to cut mine from plain watercolor paper, since I love the texture so so much. If you’re curious how I do this step, check out this post.

How to Make Modern Letter Art

Step 4

Plug in your hot glue gun and start assembling your letter art! To create the 3D look I went for, only use dollops of glue on the bottom of your letters and let the glue cool while the letter sticks up a little. This creates that extra awesome interest.

From all the years of scrapbooking in the past, I’ve developed a very exact eye for straight lines and centers. If you’re struggling, lightly mark some lines with a pencil and erase them once you’re done.

How to Make Modern Letter ArtHow to Make Modern Letter Art

Step 5

Frame up your piece and enjoy!

After this fun project I had so many ideas for just about every room in the house! Lots of these coming up, I assume 😉

How to Make Modern Letter ArtHow to Make Modern Letter Art - House of Menighow to make modern letter art



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