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Monthly / September 2017

Capturing life is so important! This new blog series called ‘Monthly‘ encourages me to snap everyday photos and share each month with 9 photographs. Play along and share your monthly on Instagram by using the hashtag #HOMmonthly 

September was one crazy month somehow. Although we didn’t get any huge projects done (well, besides painting the entire HOUSE!!) we still were plenty busy. We had a huge tomato harvest, which to date has given us 96 pints of finished and conserved tomato sauce!

But the biggest part of September was the announcement of our baby coming in January 2018! During the last 4 weeks nesting really kicked in and I feel the need to get this house to the finish line ASAP. Even though we still have plenty of time, I’m in the middle of making nursery plans, and just in general, making this house a home. A couple of rugs, a few paintings hung and electrical plugs replaced can make such a huge difference in accomplishing that task!

Let’s get into the pics!

House of Menig - Month of September 2017

1 / We finally started to reap the fruit of our (garden) labor! And really, when you have 35 tomato plants, tomatoes will come out of your ears a week into picking season… Good thing I know how to conserve the goodness for the colder months to come 🙂  2 / Over labor day weekend, Carter’s was having a fantastic baby clothes sale! I may or may not have ordered some ridiculously cute outfits… 3 / September was also the month of starting some first Fall decorations, in this case, a simple DIY wreath to welcome in the warmer colors of Autumn.

4 / For the gallery wall in the bedroom, I made this fun DIY letter art piece! 5 / And of course, we announced that we’re expecting a baby in January 2018 😀 6 / Adrian knocked out painting the house! What a difference it made!

7 / A project I was especially excited to finally finish: the bedroom gallery wall! 8 / Although we had a crazy heat wave, we still enjoyed some Fall touches on the barn entrance. 9 / Lastly, I started on moving the crafts room to my office!




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