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Painting the Barn // Part 3

It’s done, it’s finally done!! The barn is painted, the window & door casings are finished and exterior lights have been selected! Oh, and the white side of the house is finished as well!!!

Like with just about every project, this one got put on the back burner for a little while. Reason: due to pleasant weather Adrian started working on the white side of the house. I wish I could’ve helped him scratching off the old paint, but these days I’m not supposed to be anywhere close to possible lead based paint…. 😉 It sure was a piece of work, but the results are breathtaking! We’ve even had neighbors marvel at the place and tell us how this house hasn’t looked so pretty in years and years!

How to Paint your own House for CheapHow to Paint your own House for Cheap

Things always have to get REAL BAD before they get better, right!?

How to Paint your own House for Cheap

While Adrian was getting things ready for painting, I was cutting out window and door covers – all morning long. Prepping takes almost as long as actually spray painting a house, believe it or not!

How to Paint your own House for Cheap

The hubby prepping the house – Leya was always right there with him. Such a sweet girl!

How to Paint your own House for CheapHow to Paint your own House for Cheap

Aaaand, finally things got white and messy! Seriously though, Adrian did SUCH a fantastic job giving this house a new coat!

But back to the barn! Here she is! I wish I could show you the entire house, barn and all! But until the leaves have turned yellow and dropped off the trees, that unfortunately won’t be possible 😉 New England houses are just THAT long LOL


For the longest time we decided back and forth between two exterior lights. The more traditional four walled glass sconce or the more modern barn light. Although both looked really pretty, the barn light won in the end. It just has that edginess, and bonus, it’s a heck of a lot cheaper too! But wait, because we loved the traditional one as well, we installed it on the front entrance, which is now painted and finished and glowing in its white new coat!


Adrian built a new casing for the barn entrance, which really made a huge difference! It feels so much more official now. Eventually we’ll work on the landscaping and pathway, but until then, we love to ring in the Autumn with some mums and a pumpkin from my garden 🙂


The biggest change in plans was the white window trim. We had originally planned on painting them the same dark grey color. And then, it felt only right to let those cute little windows pop.

So, and that’s it for painting the house! On to the next (gazillion) projects!


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