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Quick & Cheap Fall Wreath DIY

It’s official – about a week ago grocery stores started sell pumpkins! The leaves are starting to turn red and orange and yellow and it’s time to dress up the house for Autumn!

This easy and cheap fall wreath DIY is the perfect point to start. I made six wreaths for under $6 and the light plays absolutely beautifully through the colors of the faux leaves! Best part? I can just pack them up and re-use them next year!

Fall Wreath DIY

Quick and Cheap Fall Wreath DIY – Supplies:

  • Faux Fall Leaves (Dollar Store or Craft Store)
  • Heavy Gauge Wire
  • Wire Clippers, Hot Glue Gun

Step 1

For a 10″ diameter wreath, measure 21″ of heavy gauge wire and form it into a rough circle. Roughly twist the ends and you’ve got your skeleton of your Fall Wreath!

Quick and Cheap Fall Wreath DIY

Step 2

Next pluck apart the leaves and remove the plastic stems, so you’re left with just the fabric leaves.

Believe it or not, but I bought my faux leaves at the Dollar Tree! They look surprisingly real and beautiful! I bought five stems and it would have made at least 7 if not 8 wreaths. Just saying…

Quick and Cheap Fall Wreath DIY

Of course, a sleeping pup is crucial 🙂

Quick and Cheap Fall Wreath DIY


Step 3

Start gluing the leaves to your wire. Simply add a little glue trail to the wire and lightly rest the leave on top. Continue backwards, always letting the tip of the new leave overlap the bottom of the previous leaf. Go around the circle until you have only enough room for one last leaf. Lift the very first leave’s tip and stuff the bottom underneath to form a continuous circle of overlapping leaves.

Quick and Cheap Fall Wreath DIYQuick and Cheap Fall Wreath DIYQuick and Cheap Fall Wreath DIY

Step 4

Hang the DIY Fall Wreaths in your windows, either by pounding in a little nail like I did, or by hanging it from above by using a thin sewing thread and a screw eye to attach it in the window casing.

It’s an instant reminder that the colorful season is just around the corner. I especially love how the little fall wreaths light up and add just the right amount of warm and cozy feelings!






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