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Scandinavian Inspired Nursery / One Room Challenge / Week 1

Hello and thanks for stopping by! I’m thrilled to be participating as a guest at the One Room Challenge (ORC) for Fall 2017! In case this term is new to you, the One Room Challenge is a six week long challenge where all sorts of awesome bloggers are making over a single room in their homes. Six weeks of fun projects, progress, maybe a few frustrations along the way, and eventually exciting reveals at the end. You can follow the other bloggers right here or check out ORC’s on Instagram with #oneroomchallenge


Week one

As you might have read a few weeks back, our little family is finally growing and we’re expecting a baby boy in January 2018! And since baby equals nursery, we have a perfect contender for the ORC. Plus, the deadline of six weeks is the perfect excuse to get this room done & finished well ahead of baby’s arrival!

So for week one of the challenge, I want to introduce to you the inspiration behind this room makeover!

Scandinavian Nursery Inspiration & Feel

Although I originally really liked the idea of a dark, moody space for our little offspring, the white and bright look won in the end. After all, this nursery is supposed to fit right into the rest of the house, which we kept in beautiful soft, light colors.

Since ‘room feelings’ are important to us, I’m focusing on how the nursery should feel at the end. I want a happy space for our kid. A more or less neutral design (aka, not the typical baby blues all over), and BOY, it needs to be cozy! Nothing beats a cozy room where you want to spend lots of time in.

Lastly I need this room to be minimal. I hate nothing more than clutter, although it might look pretty, I don’t want a room that’s super time intensive to clean up. I think as a new mom I’ll have my hands full with other stuff, so easy storage, smart DIYs and little details that help keep things clean and tidy are going to be crucial factors.


The picture below really shows well, what I’m thinking for colors. Lots of white, some greys, with pops of natural wood, blacks, blues (okay, that one’s not in the picture) and possibly some brass. In general, this nursery will look very much like a beautiful winter landscape 🙂

Originally I wanted to go with the natural wood crib from IKEA, but of course it was sold out! So right now I’m between these two choices from Amazon. I’m thinking of making my own mattress covers from pretty fabrics and possibly a bumper to keep the draft of this old house to a minimum. Another DIY will be a pretty playgym for baby Menig. I love the use of a sheepskin for underneath – especially since we’re having a winter baby!

Scandinavian Inspired Nursery / One Room Challenge / House of Menig

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An important aspect of the nursery will be the cozy reading nook! I’ve always loved the idea of displaying cute children’s books on IKEA picture ledges. It’s almost like art by itself and it is a daily reminder to cuddle up and spend time together. Since the room is pretty small, I probably won’t be able to put a big cozy chair into the nursery, but I still have my sturdy butterfly chair that could possibly be a contender!

Scandinavian Inspired Nursery / One Room Challenge / House of Menig

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Creative wall decor and mobiles are yet another aspect I’m REALLY excited about! I especially love to make these paper diamonds – which are really easy to craft! Maybe greys and blues? And then the main mobile over the crib, a beautiful Himmeli! I’ve never made one before, but I’m sure I can figure it out. Lastly, I already got a similar woven art piece that I made years ago. It features the perfect colors and will give the nursery that extra cozy feel!

Scandinavian Inspired Nursery / One Room Challenge / House of Menig

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There you have it! Week 1 of our Scandinavian inspired nursery for the One Room Challenge 🙂 I’m excited to have you follow along as the former crafts room becomes a cozy, cute nursery!



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