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Pregnancy / Week 33

It’s been 13 weeks since we first announced our big news and lots has happened since. The baby room is prepped, the stroller is set up and ready to go on adventures and my belly is growing in leaps and bounds.

The entire pregnancy has been rather beautiful for us, probably because we take the pains and aches with a happy heart, after all God has granted us this amazing gift that is wiggling and squirming away as I write these lines. We are still in awe that so soon we’ll be joined by this tiny little human being!

I’m SO glad that we’ve been taking these weekly pictures! Here’s 33 weeks 🙂

Pregnancy Update Week 33 Belly Shot

But let’s see how things are going thus far!

The ring is still on

My belly button is stretched, but still an innie

No stretch marks yet, only a darkening vertical line across the bump

Weight gain: 25lb

Still fitting into my regular winter jacket, although just barely. Bought a XL size one for the home stretch at Aeropostale on sale for $52 instead of $130

Feeling daily hickups

Got some nasty and terribly painful varicose veins in the… ahem… lady zone. Thank God for V2 supporters!

Climbing stairs and walking uphill is slooooooow going due to my high pulse. It’s annoying since my brain wants to be active, but my body says I need to slow down and take them breaks

That’s it for our little update. And now, off to cross yet another item off my “last 7 weeks to do list” that seems to grow instead of shrink 😉 LOL


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