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Black & White Decor / Winter Wonderland TV Credenza

It’s already the second week in January and we’ve finally taken down the Christmas tree. There’s always something so sad, and yet refreshing about this act – don’t you think?

Since I love the warmth of the Christmas season, I like to bring that right into the new year. Today I want to share with you our beautiful post Christmas living room TV credenza, with a Black & White decor theme.

Black and White Winter Decor by House of Menig

But before we get going on this black & white decor, we have a tiny little DIY to conquer! Matte black Christmas ornaments!

Remember, how I said that maybe in 2018 I might go with a more black and white theme for Christmas? Well, that thought has lingered and enticed me to give it a shot almost a full year in advance. And I’m simply in love with this look!

DIY Black Christmas Ornaments – Supplies:

  • Random Christmas Ornaments
  • Twine or Thread
  • Matte Black Spray Paint (this one is by FAR my favorite!!)
  • Cardboard
  • Optional Latex Gloves

Step 1 – Gather & Clean

Gather an array of Christmas ornaments. This is the perfect time to use up old and mismatched globes. Clean them with a microfiber cloth, just to get any grease or dust off them.

DIY Black Ornaments by House of Menig

Step 2 – Drying Station

Prepare a drying station – in my case that consisted of two chairs stationed close to our wood stove. Cover the ground with paper (there may be drips!!) and cut up some cardboard to size. Into one of the edges of the cardboard make a few short cuts with an exactor knife, where you will then hang the ornaments by the attached twine.

DIY Black Ornaments by House of Menig

DIY Black Ornaments by House of Menig

Step 3 – Spray Paint

Shake your can well and step outside. Hold your ornament at the twine and lightly spray from all sides. Don’t forget the bottom. You can use latex gloves if you’re concerned about black fingers 😉 Then carefully slip the twine into the cut you made into the cardboard and let it dry.

Repeat for the remaining ornaments and let everything dry for a good long time, until there are no more sticky areas – including any dripping bumps at the bottom. Cut off the twine and your black balls are ready to go!

Black and White Winter Decor by House of Menig


I’ve seen this numerous times in Scandinavian homes over on Pinterest. Candles. And by that I don’t mean candles in pretty tealight holders. I mean raw, straight up, unused candles that act as decorations by themselves.

A large jar filled with tealights or a bunch of taper candles bundled together with some fabric ribbon are perfect candidates. Same goes for used up taper candle stumps in a little bowl or plate or a few burned matches. It’s both functional and beautiful – a combination I love in interior design!

Black and White Winter Decor by House of MenigBlack and White Winter Decor by House of MenigHygge Black and White Winter Decor by House of MenigScandinavian Black & White Decor by House of Menig

At dusk, the black & white decor looks so pretty all lit up! THIS is Hygge! That warm and fuzzy feeling you get from candle light, especially if you enjoy this feeling with good companionship – or just some fictional characters from an exciting book or movie LOL

Minimal Black and White Winter Decor by House of MenigMinimal Black and White Decor by House of MenigBlack and White Winter Decor by House of Menig

What do you think? Did I win you over for the black & white decor style? 🙂



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