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It’s been 9 months in the making, and now he’s finally here!! Meet our sweet little baby boy L O G A N ♥

He was born on 1.19.18 and measured 7lb 15oz (3616g) and was 21 1/4″ (54cm) long! Quite the little whopper for the relatively small baby bump I sported!


We had planned a beautiful home birth right here in our own four walls. But Logan’s birth took many twists and turns, and we eventually ended up in the hospital with a required C-section. It was rough, to say the least, and I’m still recovering emotionally. He came into this world with the umbilical cord wrapped twice around his tiny little neck and we are grateful that baby & mommy (as well as daddy) are all safe and sound!

Even though things didn’t go to plan, we were carried through it all and are now proud and happy parents of a perfect little baby boy ♥ Oh my gosh, there’s SO much love!!!

Exactly one week ago we returned home from the hospital. I was a mess, having lost quite a bit of blood, but also carrying the weight of the emotional trauma. We’re taking every day as it comes. Tears, naps, cuddles… It’s all just okay.


Adrian has been my ROCK through it all! He was there holding my hand while they pumped pitocin into my veins,. He was there wiping my tears after they told us we had to do a C-section. He was there praying before they wheeled me into the OR and he put his face right over mine as I uncontrollably shook while they cut into my belly.

And now, he’s a ROCK STAR daddy!! Cleaning messy diapers, purping and rocking baby Logan back to sleep. He’s been my cheerleader as I started to get the hang of nursing (dang, it’s not easy!!) and he’s just such a natural when it comes to – well – being an awesome dad!! Here’s to you my love ♥




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