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DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

Next week is Valentine’s Day and what better way to declare your love to your someone special, than by writing your love letter in a handmade card! These DIY Valentine’s Day cards are super easy to make and you can use them for all sorts of occasions like Birthdays, Mother/Father’s Day or simply as Thank You notes.

DIY Valentine

DIY Valentine’s Day Cards – Supplies:

  • 12×12 White Cardstock
  • Scraps of Patterned Paper, Tissue Paper, White Copy Paper & Leftover Fabric
  • Mister Huey Spray (or similar Color Mist sprays or watered down Acrylic Paint)
  • Exactor Knife, Ruler, Cutting Mat
  • Sewing Machine

Step 1

To begin, cut your 12×12 white cardstock paper down to size to create the cards. On one end, cut off 1″ so you’re left with a 12×11 piece of paper. You want to do that so you can use standard size envelopes.

Next, make two 4″ cuts on the 12″ side. Now fold the strips in half and you’ve just created three basic cards!

DIY Valentine

Step 2

To give your cards some whimsical dimension, take your color mist spray, unscrew the top and gently tap your index finger onto the sprayer to create splatters.

DIY Valentine

Step 3

While the splatters are drying, gather your scraps of paper and fabric. Make a template by cutting a small, rectangular piece of paper, fold it and cut a simple half-heart shape at the fold.

Now use your template and repeat the above steps for the white copy paper, tissue paper and fabric scraps. Simply hold down your heart template firmly as you cut around the shape to duplicate similar hearts.

The fabulous thing about this DIY is: your hearts DO NOT have to be perfectly the same! In fact, if they’re a little off and different that’s to be desired as it creates a more whimsical touch!

DIY Valentine

Step 4

Next prepare your heart sandwiches. You can mix and match however you want, but my favorite way is to use the patterned paper on the top with the fabric below, then the tissue paper and lastly the white copy paper.

Firmly hold your sandwich together and place it roughly in the middle of your card front. With your sewing machine sew a straight line down the center of the heart, leaving about 3/4 inch of seam above and below the heart.

DIY Valentine

Step 5

The last step is to embellish and personalize your DIY Valentine’s Day cards! You can use glitter for added details, glue on sequins or stick some half-beads or gems surrounding the heart. Baker’s Twine is also super adorable when tied right around the fold! Let your creativity run free 🙂

Below you can see an old favorite trick of mine to give the card a bit more dimension. Use an exactor knife and run it along the edges to roughen them up a bit. So easy and yet so pretty!

DIY Valentine

Lastly write your message alongside the heart. I love to make these heart cards and leave the message open and fill in as I’m using and writing a card. This allows me to make it super personal, even including the person’s name if I wish.

DIY Valentine

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial on these DIY Valentine’s Day cards! Happy crafting 😀



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