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Bluu Adirondack chair with retractable cup holder is premium weather resistant. It's made of resin and features a beautifully textured wood grain finish. With a-350-lbs-load-bearing-capacity, this chair is sturdy enough for everyone.

Key Features

  • Premium Material - Lightweight & Long-lasting.
  • Wood-Look Texture - Work effortlessly with any patio furniture.
  • 350-lbs-load Capacity - Suitable for people of any size.
  • Wider Armrests - Comfortable sitting posture
  • Retractable Cup Holder - Perfect for cups and books. 

Chair Seating Capacity:

350 lbs

Product Weight:

27.1 lbs

Size (LWH):

33.5" x 24.4" x 35.7"



One Step Ahead of Dream Patio

Weather Resistant

Our patio furniture is all tested in extreme weather conditions for continuous comfort and durability.

Easy Assemble

With only the use of household tools, all Bluu products are easy to assemble and maintenance free.

Easy To Clean

Bluu patio furniture is all waterproof and fade resistant, and that makes it easy to clean and preservative.


We build sustainability into every product in that we use recycled materials and manufacture practices that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

Premium Material & Durability

Our outdoor Adirondack chairs for adults are made from environmental-friendly resin which is lightweight and long-lasting. The chair features a beautifully textured wood grain finish which is sturdier and more fade-resistant and UV damage resistant than wood and standard plastic. Meanwhile, it is easy to clean and preservative.

Comfortable Design

The long, curved chair back effectively releases spinal pressure and relieves fatigue. 100° elevation allows a more comfortable sitting posture, making this large Adirondack Chair ideal for tall and obese individuals. Wider armrests and a retractable cup holder are perfect for cups and books. 

Safe and Sturdy

The paneling of the patio Adirondack chair is flat with no sharp edges. The reinforced crossbar at the rear of the chair provides for a more stable and sturdy structure. It has a 350-lbs-load-bearing capacity and is suitable for people of any size.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Robert Grantham
Fades Horribly!!!

Not only fades but fades unevenly, making them an eyesore by our pool. I have asked for some help several times but no offer to help, even while in 1 year warranty. Maybe the reason they’re out of stock is that they took their money and ran back to China????

Classy looking, sturdy plastic chair

I'm in the process of replacing my outdoor furniture because wicker is a bad idea when you have dogs that like to chew on things. These chairs are very classy looking, a nice "greige" sort of color. I was initially hoping for more brown and they have a bit of a gray tint, but it works. The chair is plastic, with the manual saying the weight limit is 330 pounds. It will definitely hold us and I feel like they will hold up over time, but I'm in Florida, so we'll see how it stands up to the sun.

Assembly was a bit annoying with the nuts having to be positioned perfectly or the bolts won't screw in. One kept turning sideways, so I had to take the side back off to fix it. Not a super big deal, just annoying.

My wife loves it!

This is a very sturdy, lightweight, and easy to assemble chair. My wife loves the cup holder and says the chair is very comfortable while she's watching our child in the backyard. Highly recommended!

Love this Chair.

I just love this Adirondack Chair. It was pretty simple to assemble. It is sturdy. I live at the beach and these Adirondack Chairs are a most. This is an over sized chair. That’s cool even more comfortable. It is wood grain color. made from environmental-friendly resin which is lightweight and long-lasting. Holds up to 350lbs. It has a cup holder that can be push in or out. That is super cool. Size: 33.5"D x 24.4"W x 35.7"H. It really is the perfect chair to lean back and relax. If that’s on a porch or fire pit or outdoors. This is a great chair. The resin is pretty weatherproof compared to wood and it is lighter. I have wooden chairs and they are super heavy, hard to move and need painting from time to time. That painting, you have to sand it, prime and paint. It’s not a one day job. I am only getting these resin chairs for now on. I highly recommend this chair. I like the color, the size, the wood grain look. It fits in perfect with the patio. It just belongs. A perfect fit. 4 Stars.

Chef-Donn Gueniot
Good Adirondack Chair

This Adirondack chair is light weight, but very sturdy. It was easy to assemble and goes well with our other chairs around the firepit in our back yard.

One Umbrella, One Tree

Through a partnership with American Forests, Bluu always keeps reforestation in mind. We're the only outdoor living brand that plants one tree for every umbrella sold. One tree at a time.

Protect Your Skin From the Sun

As a proud member of The Skin Cancer Foundation's Corporate Council, Bluu shares the Foundation's commitment to saving and improving lives. Bluu supports the Foundation's work of empowering people to take a proactive approach to daily sun protection and the early detection and treatment of skin cancer.