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From Winter to Spring Decor Ideas

Christmas is over, the days are starting to get longer, but Spring just isn’t quite here yet… It’sREAD MORE >>>

The Winter House With The Dark Grey Barn

Winter has come and we can’t get enough of the snow in beautiful New England! Since the leaves are gone and weREAD MORE >>>

Black & White Decor / Winter Wonderland TV Credenza

It’s already the second week in January and we’ve finally taken down the Christmas tree. There’sREAD MORE >>>

How to Hide TV Cables & DIY Floating TV Credenza

Have you ever wondered how in the world some Pinterest pins of TV’s don’t have ANY cables dangling downREAD MORE >>>

Scandinavian Christmas TV Credenza & The Word: Fika

It has finally happened – our living room has not only a TV, but also a floating credenza on the walls! ChristmasREAD MORE >>>

A Tiny Secret for Perfectly Clean Kitchen Countertops

Let me start by saying this. I HATE cleaning. The less the better! But while I hate cleaning so much, I love when myREAD MORE >>>

Our Christmas House

Last year we had gotten finished with whitewashing and sealing the floors in the old main house, just in time forREAD MORE >>>

Red & White Christmas Inspiration

In the second post of our little Christmas series, we’re looking at the beautiful and classic red & white.READ MORE >>>

Natural Christmas Inspiration

What’s your Christmas tree tradition? Do you have a specific day when you put up your tree? I’ve been doingREAD MORE >>>

DIY Baby Crib Sheet / Full Tutorial

After looking long and hard for the right crib sheet for baby’s bed, I decided to make them myself instead.READ MORE >>>

Scandinavian Nursery REVEAL / One Room Challenge / Week 6

We’re off to the sixth and last week of the One Room Challenge and we’re beyond thrilled to share with you ourREAD MORE >>>

Gender Neutral Scandinavian Nursery / One Room Challenge / Week 5

We’re off to the fifth week of the One Room Challenge and our gender neutral Scandinavian nursery is just about to beREAD MORE >>>

Black + White Scandinavian Nursery / One Room Challenge / Week 4

We’re off to the fourth week of the One Room Challenge and our black + white Scandinavian nursery is starting to sportREAD MORE >>>

White Scandinavian Inspired Nursery / One Room Challenge / Week 3

We’re off to the third week of the One Room Challenge and our white Scandinavian inspired nursery is starting toREAD MORE >>>

White Scandi Nursery / One Room Challenge / Week 2

We’re off to the second week of the One Room Challenge and our white Scandi nursery has already gone through someREAD MORE >>>

Scandinavian Inspired Nursery / One Room Challenge / Week 1

Hello and thanks for stopping by! I’m thrilled to be participating as a guest at the One Room Challenge (ORC) forREAD MORE >>>

How to Make Modern Letter Art // FREEBIE

It’s the last DIY post for our lovely bedroom gallery wall, and today I’m going to share how to make modernREAD MORE >>>

How to Mat a Photo on a Budget

I LOVE white space. White space is referred to the white (duh!) space around a picture that is framed. It can alsoREAD MORE >>>