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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

During the better part of Spring and Summer this blog has been rather quiet. And for a good reason! We’re cookingREAD MORE >>>

Monthly / August 2017

Capturing life is so important! This new blog series called ‘Monthly‘ encourages me to snap everyday photosREAD MORE >>>

Raised Garden Beds in the Making

Whew, you guys! We’ve been putting EVERYTHING into the barn – or the guest quarters – the last coupleREAD MORE >>>

Just Pretty Vignettes

The last couple of weeks we’ve been taking it easy. No major reno work. Just (trying to) relax, read books andREAD MORE >>>

Modern Scandinavian Bedroom + Updates!

First off: SORRY FOR THE DELAY! The last some days (ahem, weeks!) really have been just flying by. Super hectic allREAD MORE >>>

New HOM Instagram Account!

Hey my lovely readers! We’ve got some really exciting news today! House of Menig has its own Instagram Account ♥READ MORE >>>

IKEA Kitchen Reno / Just So Exhausted!

What a week it’s been! After all these weeks of going strong, these past days seemed to be especially challengingREAD MORE >>>

Our First Video!

We are SO excited (and a little nervous!) to share the very first house renovation webisode with you today! We’reREAD MORE >>>

Right Now

Christmas has flown by and we’re waiting for 2017 to be born. One year down, another to go. It was a crazy year,READ MORE >>>

Progress & Updates

Friends, we just finished whitewashing the old main house!!! It feels like a huge milestone. My knees are down to aREAD MORE >>>

Foggy Morning Walk

Living in New England and exploring trails & paths in our new neighborhood has been so rewarding. It’s notREAD MORE >>>

Remodeling Experience / A Screeching Halt

Last week, we worked like rented mules. Although we’re three people working in this old house right now (my momREAD MORE >>>

And We’re Off!

The last 13 months were quite the whirlwind. 13 months ago, we were sitting in our living room, sipping hot tea whileREAD MORE >>>

The Barn Exterior / Ideas & Going Dark Grey

Right off the bat, we knew that this house definitely needed some TLC on the exterior. The white clapboard has someREAD MORE >>>

It’s Really Happening!!

We just crossed the four weeks mark and it’s starting to get real! The moving container is booked and I’veREAD MORE >>>

Welcome to ‘House of Menig’

Hello hello! Thanks for visiting! A little over a year ago, my husband Adrian and I decided to start a new life over onREAD MORE >>>