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You guys, it’s already been over two weeks since we arrived here in beautiful New England and it’s high time to share an update! So much has happened already, but let’s start at the beginning.

The trip was a fast paced affair, with travel days between 500 and 780 miles per day. We basically raced through this beautiful country in five days, tent camping along the way to save time and money for all the house projects that are yet to come.

Then we got to the house. It was FREEZING inside. Like, you could actually see your breath. That freezing. Heating this house is quite the task, there’s two different furnices, a gas stove and a pellet stove. Adrian got three out of four heat sources to work, so at least we’re not turning into icicles anymore LOL

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Another big issue in our kitchen reno plans was the upper cabinet situation.

Initially I really loved the idea of a single wooden shelf and getting rid of uppers all together! Visually that might have been pretty, but practically… Not so much. Although it’s a decent size kitchen, not having uppers would have taken away too much storage space. Not to forget all the dust and grease that would have built up on everything. Yikes, no thanks!

So we started to brainstorm. I always feared that doing the kitchen with high gloss Ringhult fronts would look too sterile. Especially if EVERYTHING was high gloss and bright white. I played around with ideas, but over and over I came back to this. Glass uppers!

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Once we had kinda decided that we might as well take advantage of the IKEA kitchen sale and try to cramp in the kitchen reno right after moving in (if you’re thinking ‘these guys are totally nuts!!’ you’re not alone!), my brain went into overdrive. We had a pretty good idea of what would go where, but there were still a few pieces to the puzzle we had to find creative ways to solve.

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The last 13 months were quite the whirlwind. 13 months ago, we were sitting in our living room, sipping hot tea while the weather outside was cold and blustery. Unusual for a Sunday in September when you live in California.

We were talking about our future, dreaming, thinking about options. That day we said we would move.



The bathroom makeover ideas all started with a random thought ‘when we get there, we need to buy a shower curtain first thing!’ After that it all started to snowball. What kind of a shower curtain? Oh, we need a shower curtain rod too! What color should that be? And while we’re at it, there’s no hardware or bathroom accessories in the upstairs bathroom either! What kind of metal should that be?

You see, my brain started to race at a gazillion miles an hour, because after all, who want to waste money on things that eventually won’t fit or match the grand plans? And speaking of which, I didn’t even have a grand plan yet.

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