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The last 13 months were quite the whirlwind. 13 months ago, we were sitting in our living room, sipping hot tea while the weather outside was cold and blustery. Unusual for a Sunday in September when you live in California.

We were talking about our future, dreaming, thinking about options. That day we said we would move.



The bathroom makeover ideas all started with a random thought ‘when we get there, we need to buy a shower curtain first thing!’ After that it all started to snowball. What kind of a shower curtain? Oh, we need a shower curtain rod too! What color should that be? And while we’re at it, there’s no hardware or bathroom accessories in the upstairs bathroom either! What kind of metal should that be?

You see, my brain started to race at a gazillion miles an hour, because after all, who want to waste money on things that eventually won’t fit or match the grand plans? And speaking of which, I didn’t even have a grand plan yet.

house of menig - bathroom makeover plans


Right off the bat, we knew that this house definitely needed some TLC on the exterior. The white clapboard has some rough spots and some of the planks of the barn exterior is rotten. But even just the look of the house in it’s current state. Seriously, it reminds me of my pasty colored legs during the Winter months.. There’s just no contrast and it all looks kinda the same. Blah!

new england barn exterior painting


I love the Scandinavian way of filling your house with pieces that really speak to you and make you happy. It’s that combination of minimalism, practicality and making a house a home.

As we’re getting real close to moving into our new house, I want to share our top five picks from IKEA we just cannot wait to add to our collection! Here we go:



My eyeballs almost fell out of my head! IKEA had just announced yet another kitchen sale before the end of 2016!

Way in July, when we bought the house, we were dreaming about our new kitchen being done before Christmas. A white Christmas all around, inside and out! The first time we set foot into the house, Adrian was like “this kitchen needs a gut job!” Sure, the countertop is the ugliest pink granite and there’s that weird brick-oven-stove-thingie that was blocking the view. But let’s be honest, it could have been much worse.

With a kitchen sale going on during Summer, we kissed our chances good-bye and were hoping that IKEA would soon announce a sale the following Spring. So yes, it was a bit of a shock. A good shock!

high gloss farmhouse kitchen / IKEA Ringhult / House of Menig


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