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Living in New England and exploring trails & paths in our new neighborhood has been so rewarding. It’s not only great for exercise, it’s really great to air out your head after a long day of inhaling painting fumes – or to cool off when things are just not going the way they’re supposed to. Let’s be honest, there’s a lot of those moments during a home renovation!

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It’s pretty funny to think that the laundry room – the one room in this house that has zero importance – is getting a complete makeover first! Lowe’s has some really great Black Friday deals this month, we needed clean clothes and voila! There you go. Shiplap walls, plank floors and nautical shower curtain here we come!

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One of my crazy ideas were those beautiful, luscious whitewashed plank floors. If you’re familiar with Scandinavian interior design, you probably already LOVE whitewashed plank floors. They’re unique, they’re bright and they make a room feel super airy. I love how they’re subtle and don’t take center stage, making your pieces shine even brighter. Plus, there’s a serious cozy factor with them too! Hot cocoa and fluffy socks anyone?

Can I tell you a secret? About 95% of the House of Menig will feature whitewashed plank floors!! Yep, you read that right! But let’s back up a second and let me share a few of my inspiration pics I found on the web.

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Last week, we worked like rented mules. Although we’re three people working in this old house right now (my mom flew out from Switzerland to help!! Isn’t she the sweetest??) we only made a dent into our mile long To-Do list. On Saturday night, we had to face the truth of our remodeling experience.

We had bitten off more than we could chew.

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As I’m writing this, a freezing wind is howling around the house, blowing leaves all over the place – and we couldn’t be happier to finally live in New England!

But now let’s talk about our modern farmhouse laundry room makeover! After getting slowed down by a certain paint debacle (don’t worry, you’ll get the scoop sooner or later!), I needed to put my hands to work SOMEWHERE else in the house. My focus fell on the laundry / downstairs bathroom. It’s a full bath, with tub and all. It features a little laundry closet and even includes a cool cast iron farmhouse sink. Oh, and a little closet for cleaning supplies and such.

modern farmhouse laundry room by House of Menig