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Last week I shared my plans for the crafts room. I was letting my love for all things pink go wild and embraced the girly aesthetic I’m so drawn to. But now, you gotta hold on to your seat. Because the photography office is going a completely different route!

The office is arguably the prettiest room in the house. It sports three walls with three large windows. Natural light galore! The only downside is that the office is also the coldest room in the house. And with most old homes, it’s hard to keep them warm and cozy and comfortable.

While dreaming up color schemes, I had to accomplish one major dilemma. Whenever the sun shines, this room BURSTS of natural light. Here’s the thing, I love natural light. Can’t ever have enough. However, when you’re working on your computer – and especially when you’re editing photos for your wedding clients – you just cannot have that much light bouncing around the room. It influences how you edit and it’s a dangerously fine line.

I started to dream about going dark and moody. A single black feature wall to absorb the bright light and to set the tone. A more grown up tone. Bolder and more confident, yet a warm and inviting one at the same time. Yes, you read that right, a BLACK feature wall!

photography office inspiration board by

Sources // Black Wall | Cozy Reading Space | Black Diamond Lamp | Gingham Fabric | Posters | Fabric Lamp Shade | Cozy Linen Bedding

The rest of the room will be kept in lighter, more soft colors. I want the drama, but I don’t want a gloomy cave. There’s gotta be that balance between dark and gloomy & bright and airy.

To use this large room to its full potential, we’re creating a cozy lounge area as well as a two-zone desk. I’ve always dreamed of a desk that has a bit more room, and building it as an L-shape will give me the computer zone and the creative zone for sketching, laying out mood boards and packaging up wedding boxes.


Sources // Lounge | Pallet Bed

The lounge is also going to be a multi purpose area. As you might know, I not only specialize in weddings, but also boudoir photography. It’s a special privilege to artfully capture a woman’s beauty. It’s a powerful gift, to show women how absolutely stunning they are, seen through my camera lens. The idea is to build the sitting area in a way to use it as an L-shape lounge and transform it into a bed-like platform during boudoir photography sessions with interchangeable backgrounds. Flash light will mimic a large, beautiful window – while having complete privacy. A lot of photography mumbo jambo, so here’s a sketch of the room layout I’m envisioning:

moody office inspirationmoody office inspiration

Currently, the office is in a state of complete disorder! It’s actually rather embarrassing, but here we go for a Photoshop sneak of the black feature wall and gingham curtains. Yes, black and white gingham curtains! Aren’t they fun!? Adrian is still rather skeptical, but I quite adore them ๐Ÿ˜‰ LOL

moody office inspiration




We’ve started renovating our AirBnB New Hampshire Barn Room! The ugly plush, green carpets are a piece of history! Taking them out brightened up the entire upper floor so much, it’s quite unbelievable. And we couldn’t be more thrilled!

airbnb new hampshire barn room remodel

Quick recap to give you the lay of the lands.. The Barn Room is the larger of two rooms on the second floor of the barn. We call it the barn, well, because back in the day that’s what it was. Now it’s renovated with two bedrooms, a spacious bathroom and it’s separate entrance. Really, it’s pure perfection for our future guests โ™ฅ

airbnb new hampshire barn room remodelairbnb new hampshire barn room remodel

What started as a ‘quick and simple’ reno, has quickly turned into a larger project. The shower has been leaking and instead of just prettying up the bathroom, we’re knee deep into our first bathroom remodel! LOL (I’m secretly super excited, because now we get to create a gorgeous spa-like bathroom, fit for a king – or queen!)

airbnb new hampshire barn room remodelairbnb new hampshire barn room remodel

I haven’t put a concrete design board together for this room yet, but I’m determined to make this the most cozy bedroom on AirBnB New Hampshire! I want this room to be inspiring as well as super comfortable, calm and serene. I want this room to be oozing HYGGE! (have you ever heard of this?)

While I’m typing this, Adrian is working on putting in new wide plank floors – plywood style! You guys, I’ve been drooling over plywood floors for months and can’t wait to see them coming together in our own house!

The plan is to whitewash the floors just like we did the dining room and the old main house. We’ve found that whitewashing really brightens up the space. It helps to bounce around light and it also creates a beautiful, calm starting point to bring in cozy items. Yes, I think I’m hooked on whitewashing floors ๐Ÿ˜‰ LOL



Remember my open debate on paint colors for the craft room, specifically, the sewing nook? Yup. I ended up going blue and it just wasn’t the right color for the room. (You can read all about it here)

So, fresh start! Since the blue just didn’t work out, I had to revisit the entirety and eventually chose a new direction for the room. We’re going pink and feminine! After all, it’s a CRAFTS & SEWING ROOM ๐Ÿ˜€

craft room in rose quartz pink

The idea is to repaint the blue walls a super soft, barely-there pink. Underneath the window in the closet, I want to install a little built-in desk. Basically the floors are so slanted in this room, that the pretty little sewing table I previously had in there is tilting forwards, making sewing rather dangerous…

I LOVE the idea of a round table for the room itself, but with the floors so shifty, I’m not sure if that’s going to be doable. Very possibly we’ll have to build something and shiv the legs to the correct position, otherwise it might very well be a party of wiggle wags…

pink sewing and craft room inspiration

For the rest of the craft room I want to keep things crisp and white. I’m envisioning this cute felt lampshade dangling above the table and peppering the space with accents of grey & gold.

I’ve got some ideas for incorporating faux or DIYed flowers, but more on that once the room is actually coming together!






The last couple of weeks we’ve been taking it easy. No major reno work. Just (trying to) relax, read books and fueling up our energy tanks for the next projects.

My office is in complete chaos. Boxes are still sown all over the floor. My desk is gently rocking back and forth as I type. Four absolutely random chairs, piles of framed and unframed art as well as the occasional paint can. All compiling to a giant mess.

That’s just one room! Imagine what the rest of the house looks like…

And all I want to do, is finally MOVE IN. Make this house our home. Place furniture, hang art, buy area rugs, organize. And yet, I’m greatly lacking energy. For any of it.

While trying to come up with some doable inspiration boards, room by room, I see the sun shining into the window. Her warmth is a daily reminder that Spring is just around the corner. And Spring means gardening. And gardening means making plans. And making plans means… You get the point.

So while most rooms are in utter chaos still, I’m looking through my camera lens, a nice long zoom lens. 85mm or even better, the 105mm. I look through the lens to only see pretty details. Because right now, life is all about vignettes. Just pretty vignettes.

just pretty vignettes bedroom by house of menig


I’m so excited to finally share the kitchen reveal with you today!! It’s been such a long project in the making, but we honestly couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out! Are you ready for tons of pics of our new modern farmhouse kitchen?

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel by #kitcheninspo

But before we head into the good and juicy parts, let’s take a moment to remember what the kitchen USED to look like…


The kitchen felt dark, claustrophobic and the cabinets – although many – were pretty useless when it came to storage. And nope, we’re not even going to talk about the yellow maple, funky granite or red brick wall…

You can check out the progress of our labor of love in the weekly kitchen reno videos. (IS SHE FINALLY GOING TO SHUT UP AND START SHOWING US THE PHOTOS!!??) LOL Alright, here we finally go! Hope you enjoy โ™ฅ

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel by #kitcheninspoModern Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel by #kitcheninspo

Leaving open the walls around the window has really widened the room dramatically. Now the entire kitchen/dining space doesn’t feel as narrow and awkward anymore, but looks open and airy and just the right dimensions! So so so glad we didn’t do any more uppers ๐Ÿ˜€

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel by #kitcheninspoModern Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel by #kitcheninspo

The appliance/pantry wall as well as all the drawers are fantastic to organize stuff. Not only does it create a ton of room, it also helps so much with organization!

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel by #kitcheninspoModern Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel by #kitcheninspoModern Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel by #kitcheninspo

To bring in a bit of warmth, we added some raw wood to the bar area of the kitchen. It’s not glued in yet, so excuse the slight wonky look of the legs ๐Ÿ˜‰

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel by #kitcheninspoModern Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel by #kitcheninspoModern Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel by #kitcheninspoModern Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel by #kitcheninspo

Both the single bowl Domsjo sink and the black Delta faucet are a DREAM to work with! They really give our modern farmhouse kitchen that modern yet farmhousy feel โ™ฅ

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel by #kitcheninspoModern Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel by #kitcheninspoModern Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel by #kitcheninspo

Probably my favorite corner of the kitchen… It’s the perfect spot for my KitchenAid – which has been working a TON since the kitchen has been finished! The floating wine rack gives so much warmth and interest and I love to showcase my pink cups and have my cookbooks nearby!

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel by #kitcheninspoModern Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel by #kitcheninspoModern Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel by #kitcheninspo

I scored this original oil painting on one of my trips back to Switzerland a few years back. In order to bring it to the US, I had to dismantle the frame, roll up the canvas and put it all together again when I arrived. I love how much meaning and just a touch of rustic it brought to the kitchen!

Below you can see the area rug! You guys, putting a rug into the kitchen is like HEEEEEEAVEN!!! Seriously, the luxurious feeling it creates is hard to put into words! Eventually I’ll put a 6×9 rug in, but for now our living room rug has to do ๐Ÿ˜‰

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel by #kitcheninspoModern Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel by #kitcheninspoModern Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel by #kitcheninspo

Just for a trial I brought in my old duvet cover turned curtains. It works so well in this space, that I’m going to make some real curtains out of it!

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel by #kitcheninspoModern Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel by #kitcheninspoModern Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel by #kitcheninspo

The backsplash has been amazing so far as well! Using satin paint, it’s washable and really easy to keep pretty.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel by #kitcheninspoModern Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel by #kitcheninspo

So, and that WAS IT for our modern farmhouse kitchen reveal!!! What do you think? What do you think of the high gloss cabinets in this 1790 built home? Do you think it works?