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The second week of the kitchen reno is done and over with and we have another webisode ready to share with you! BTW can you find the blooper? I was like “we should really take this out” but Adrian meant “people love to see this kinda stuff!”

So, which one is it? Yay or nay on keeping an embarrassing blooper in? Tell us in the comments 🙂


We’re so excited to have finally started our IKEA kitchen remodel! If you’ve been following us for a while, you might remember how we (enthusiastically) had planned to be done with the kitchen before Christmas. Well, things take a gazillion times longer in real life and we had to push the kitchen reno project into the new year. But now we’re ready and so the kitchen story begins!

To document the stories and progress, Adrian and I decided to record a video each week to chat about our experiences, the ups + downs, the good and the bad. Going into this kitchen adventure, we had scoured the internet for hours, devouring anything we could find on IKEA kitchens, honed marble and progress blog posts. Now it’s our turn to share and we hope it will inspire you to make your remodeling dreams come to life – big or small ♥


We are SO excited (and a little nervous!) to share the very first house renovation webisode with you today! We’re taking you into our new living room where we talk about floors, paint colors, benches, plank walls and general ups + downs of renovating an old house. We hope you enjoy our chatter ♥

What do you think?? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Please share in the comments what you think and what you’d like to see/hear more of! Thanks ♥


Friends, when we posted the Sewing Nook Grey, Pink or Blue Debate, we didn’t expect so many of you to care! But you did and it blew us away! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the matter!

Since it was really fun to see the votes rolling in, I thought I’d share the results with you and announce the winning color we eventually chose.

Grey: 31  |  Blue: 37  |  Pink: 23

We also got additional votes and suggestions: Yellow 2x, Silvery Light Blue 2x, Peach, Orangey-Pink, Mauve, Light Cream, White, Light Olive Green + Sage Green

And lastly a hashtag: #firstworldprobs (#whatcoloristhat?)

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