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I’m the kinda girl that ends up with 3-5 holes in the wall to hang 1 frame. Not kidding. Don’t you ever dare to look behind any of my art pieces LOL So let me share with you how to create a gallery wall of five frames and end up with exactly 5 holes in the wall!

Unlike my usual “oh let’s just eye ball this” approach I decided I wanted to honor Adrian’s hard work of putting up faux shiplap in our bedroom (which we LOVE by the way!) and plan this gallery wall out to the last bits.

how to create a gallery wall for cheap

How to Create a Gallery Wall – Supplies:

  • Picture Frames in different sizes
  • Packing Paper, Ruler, Pen, Knife, Cutting Mat
  • Washi Tape
  • Nails, Hammer

Step 1

To combat my fear of making an overly busy gallery wall, I decided to stick with whites and blacks for frames. The white wooden frames have been with us for over 7 years and were from the Dollar Tree! Not all junk is short lived!! Proven right here! After a quick Michael’s trip I ended up with two black skinny frames, one a 12×12 and the other one an unusual 12×18. I love that weird off-size, as it gives the grouping an interesting feel. I played around on the floor a bit, until I liked the arrangement.

There are many different ways of making a gallery wall. You can select frames that are all the exact same, different styles but same color, different color but same style, completely mismatched or a combination of it all. I personally prefer the two toned approach where you have a color scheme, but play around with sizes and styles. It’s casual, yet sophisticated.


Step 2

Unravel all of your frames and use the glass to mark out the measurements on the packing paper. Next cut out the shapes with a knife and ruler. This, my lovely readers, is the key to the ‘one hole a frame’ success. Don’t skip this step 😉


Step 3

Now you can simply tape up your paper shapes with some washi tape and make sure, your gallery wall is exactly where you want it to be. I totally eye balled the spaces in between, but as a rule of thumb go anywhere between 2 and 4″, depending on the size of the wall, size of frames and amount of frames.


Step 4

Once you’re happy with your wall of paper shapes, measure out the exact spot where your nails need to go and mark them with an X right onto the paper.

To make your life extra easy and simple hammer in your nails right through the paper. VOILA! Tear down your little paper shapes and you are done! Onto choosing and framing your art – if you haven’t done so already!

how to create a gallery wall

RahelMenigPhotography_2039how to create a gallery wall for cheap




With the BIG NEWS out of the bag (still eeeeeking and happy dancing over here!!) I can finally share the newest addition to our home – our master bedroom gallery wall!

Have I mentioned that gallery walls used to scare me a bit? Well, seriously! They are intimidating! They seem like such a project, such a commitment and such an investment. NADA! Once I finally had decided that YES, there’s going to be a GALLERY WALL (versus a picture ledge), it all came together much easier than expected.

Master Bedroom Gallery Wall

Adrian requested that I would frame some of my watercolor pieces (isn’t he the sweetest man alive!?) and since my watercolor pictures are itty bitty little things, I was up for a challenge. My other angst was that this wall would turn out to be much more busy and cluttered than what I wanted it to end up. I wanted a wall with personality, yet still that bedroom serenity we all desperately need in our lives.

I picked out some of our favorite watercolor winter landscapes and matted and framed them in some old wooden frames I had laying around. To bring in a pop of modern, I stuck with black and white pieces for the skinny black frames. And since we have a serious outbreak of baby fever over here, a print of our little offspring was befitting. For the last frame I dug up my old Silhouette and created some modern word art! Oh, how much fun that was!!

But enough of my ramblings and onto the pics!

Master Bedroom Gallery WallMaster Bedroom Gallery WallMaster Bedroom Gallery WallMaster Bedroom Gallery WallMaster Bedroom Gallery WallMaster Bedroom Gallery Wallmodern master bedroom gallery wall

During the better part of Spring and Summer this blog has been rather quiet. And for a good reason! We’re cooking up some big & new adventures! Adventures that will require a long term commitment! We’re expecting a BABY at the end of January 2018!!!!!!!! ♥

super cute baby announcement / House of Menigsuper cute baby announcement / House of Menig

It’s not been a smooth road for us. We felt broken for many years, and sometimes the dark days felt longer than the bright ones. We’ve struggled with infertility for over 5 years.

We didn’t get tested or had done any fertility treatments. For us personally it just didn’t feel right. So we trusted God. When the pain of feeling broken was too overwhelming, it was hard to accept the status quo and it was hard to trust that in the end all would be well. With or without our own children.

Then, on our 8 year engagement Anniversary I peed on a stick and I got a +, a big fat happy +

super cute baby announcement / House of Menigsuper cute baby announcement / House of Menig

I’m 20 weeks along and have the scary first trimester behind me. It wasn’t too rough on me, actually, if you don’t count the many nap attacks or the fears of a miscarriage. We’re OVER THE MOON excited to welcome this little addition into our family!!! Even Leya seems to know that something’s up. She’s been so sweet and affectionate lately and whenever Adrian talks to the belly, she gets all excited and wants to be part of the party! LOL

super cute baby announcement / House of Menigsuper cute baby announcement / House of Menigsuper cute baby announcement / House of Menigsuper cute baby announcement / House of Menigsuper cute baby announcement / House of Menigsuper cute baby announcement / House of Menigsuper cute baby announcement / House of Menig

And to finish off our little selfie photoshoot… How about a little blooper by this very cute and excited new daddy ♥

super cute baby announcement / House of Menig

super cute baby announcement / House of Menigsuper cute baby announcement / House of Menigsuper cute baby announcement / House of Menig




Capturing life is so important! This new blog series called ‘Monthly‘ encourages me to snap everyday photos and share each month with 9 photographs. Play along and share your monthly on Instagram by using the hashtag #HOMmonthly 

Well hello there September! May I just say how much I love you? You ring in the beautiful Fall season with your blustery winds, you turn leaves colorful and you promise that hot summer days are coming to an end. Yes, September, I quite love you!

But let’s look back at August, which feels like a whirl wind of a month!

HOM monthly August 2017

1 / On a trip up to the White Mountains, Leya had such a blast diving for rocks… and the occasional twig! 2 / I’ve been working on a beautiful gallery wall for the bedroom! Can’t wait to finally finish it up and share a tutorial on how to plan your gallery wall! 3 / August was also the month of prepping fire wood for winter. ‘Cause “Winter is coming!” So glad we had such a helpful team of relatives over during that time!!!

4 / Although we haven’t found much yet, we’ve been putting on our ‘mushroom eyes’ when we go for walks. Chantarelles or Horn of Plenty anyone? YUM! 5 / The latest project – prepping the old main house for a paint job. Adrian has been slaving the entire week, scratching off old paint… 6 / My veggie garden is looking amazing and I’ve finally been able to harvest some first tomatoes!

7 / Earlier in August, Adrian painted the barn and it’s looking gorgeous in its new dark cloak! 8 / Autumn is making a first appearance on our dining room table. 9 / And I haven’t been lazy either. I’ve been painting baseboards, chair rails, window & door trims. I’m almost done (YAY!!!), and it has made the biggest of differences in the kitchen/dining room!








I was going through the blog archives the other day and noticed, that GOODNESS ME! I never shared our beautiful bedroom shiplap wall Adrian slaved over for so many hours!

This is going to be a looooong story, so buckle up! And just to freshen up your memory, this is what our bedroom looked like when we moved into our house:


There was this big, clumsy built in closet. The doors were wiggly and as with all built-ins, available space is never used to its full potential. Hear hear, my Swiss roots talking… I knew that this would have to go. Because not only was it a waste of valuable space, it would also be the perfect nook for a cozy bed!

DIY Faux Shiplap Wall

After sanding the floors, we were ready to rip into the walls! Yep, you (should) always take a pic of the optimistic moment when you start tearing into a new project. Weeks later you will look back at that photo and think to yourself “I must have been nuts!”


Off the closet went and forth came a problem. The ceiling was basically holding on to a thread. The rest of the room’s ceiling had been replaced at some point, but inside the closet was a different story. So, a little while later, we had a beautiful black hole into the attic…



Adrian replaced the old beams that were falling apart and squeezed out his very first dry walling job! A few days later, the hole was fixed and the ceiling painted!


Aaaah! A clean slate! But wait, more issues are arising.. Now, living in an antique home that was built around 1790, you just cannot expect that any walls, angles or measurements will be consistent. Right. You kinda love and enjoy that old world charm. Until you’re ready to add that beautiful DIY shiplap wall you’ve been dreaming about for months.

So basically the question was, should we go off the ceiling or the floor? Should we go perfectly level or just eyeball it so it ‘looks’ straight? The thing was, true level was waaaay off what felt level. So we went with eyeballing it.

DIY Faux Shiplap Wall

Off to Lowe’s we went to get the materials. We got some sheets of 1/4″ plywood and had them rip it down into 8″ planks. We love the more modern looking wide planks versus the more traditional 6 inchers.

Adrian was running up and down the stairs for every board, since all measurements weren’t equal. It was a sloooooow and painful process. If this hubby of mine only would have entrusted me with his big saw, this part would have been done quite a bit faster 😉

His nail gun came in super handy! Honestly, if you ever want to do a faux DIY shiplap wall, do yourself a favor and get a nail gun. So worth it!

DIY Faux Shiplap WallRahelMenigPhotography_2073

It got freeeeezing cold part of that week and Adrian was braving the low temps inside and out in his cute reindeer beanie LOL


The chimney was the last part of the planking project. Again, this structure was nowhere straight, so Adrian framed it and leveled out the crooked measurements.


The next phase was all on me. First I spackled up all the nail holes and filled in the unsightly cracks in the corners and at the ceiling with caulk.




And then I finally primed! I’ve previously learned my lesson that using a stinky oil primer is the very best to hide bleeding from the wood. It’s a pain in the a$$, but totally worth the extra effort.


Two coats of white paint later, the plank wall was DONE!


All that was left, was whitewashing and sealing the floors.


DIY Shiplap Wall


I know, real or faux DIY shiplap walls may be a current trend, but since many Scandinavian cottages have plank walls, I knew that we would not regret this choice. And really, this DIY truly brought together the room. It added so much charm and warmth and every morning when we wake up, this wall makes us feel so very cozy and HYGGE. There’s just something about the combination of the straight lines, the texture of the wall and the different types of fabrics on the bed, that make up a perfect symphony… LOVE!

DIY Shiplap Wallhow to make faux shiplap