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It’s crazy! Three months ago we left California and five days later arrived in beautiful New England. Since then, we’ve been working hard in making this house a home. And yet, we’re still so far away from being done.

Every room seems to be half started. A good chunk of our stuff is still packed up in boxes and everywhere you look is some degree of chaos. I have to remind myself that we’re getting somewhere! Little by little. Even if everything is covered in dust, we’re practically living off Top Ramen soups and life seems to be put on hold in a way. We’re getting somewhere.

Today I took some photos of the bedroom progress. It’s the one room that’s probably closest to the finish line. Even if that finish line is still about 60% away LOL

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The second week of the kitchen reno is done and over with and we have another webisode ready to share with you! BTW can you find the blooper? I was like “we should really take this out” but Adrian meant “people love to see this kinda stuff!”

So, which one is it? Yay or nay on keeping an embarrassing blooper in? Tell us in the comments ๐Ÿ™‚