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We finally finished our AirBnB Guest Suite and before we reveal the space tomorrow, let’s get down and dirty in the stories that lead to this end result!

AirBnB Guest Suite in Amherst NH

We started by ripping out the ugly, green wall to wall carpet. It felt like a breeze of fresh air once this monster was out.



Next we installed the wide plank plywood floors. Yes, you read that right – plywood floors! I’ve seen it on Pinterest and always hoped to one day give it a shot. And I gotta say, these floors really look fantastic and feel super comfy to walk on!


To give the suite that light and airy feel, we then whitewashed the plank floors and sealed them up for durability. I know I’ve said it before, but white floors are fantastic to work with! You can just about pull any decor style off with them, as they’re this understated beauty that doesn’t ask for a spotlight, and yet, it’s so unusual that you just have to look.

This time around we did the whole roller thing instead of wiping in the paint on knees and hands with a rag. We used watered down primer in a 50/50 formula. Doing this with the roller makes things go so swift and easy! I started with the brush, doing all the walls and around doors and corners, then Adrian came in with the big roller to finish up the room.


The bathroom got a full overhaul as well. The old shower was small and even worse, had a nasty leak in the shower pan that had been half-heartedly fixed in previous years. Out with the old, in with the new. Easier said than done, as not one of the walls has a right angle or is perfectly straight…


We fell in love with the concrete look-alike walls by UTile and went with a Maax glass shower system. The splurge was the rain shower head and sprayer. OH MY GOODNESS!! This shower is a dream! Like seriously, can we please move into the barn side of our house?


The previous sink was a cute pedestal sink, which I love in a powder room, but not in a full bathroom. There’s just not enough room on top for your essentials, so we went with an IKEA sink cabinet with drawers which gives our guests plenty of storage.


For the floors we were really really torn between tile and wood floors. The problem with tile is, it gets so uncomfortably cold in the winter – that is, if you don’t have floor heating. And wood floors… Oh wood floors… They are our (not so) secret love affair. We ended up deciding to be bold and installed a shiplap plank floor! The overlapping feature of these planks gives just a tad more protection against water – and of course, we whitewashed and sealed it up REAL good.


Yep, and that’s it for the story of our guest area that we’re going to list on AirBnB! Tomorrow we’ll share the full reveal of the place ๐Ÿ™‚


Summer’s made it to our part of the country and with the hot weather, we had to hurry up and get our vegetable garden ready for planting! While we were building the raised garden beds a few weeks back, I was like “oh gosh, I hope I can fill them all…” (no seriously, I had a real moment of self doubt when I realized that we’re going to have a 200 sqft vegetable garden for two!) and guess what? It looks to be the perfect size after all!

New England Vegetable Garden by House of Menig

Back in winter I had started all of my seeds outside in milk containers and boy oh boy did those seeds grow since then! It’s fascinating to see that from a tiny little speck you can harvest beautiful vegetables all summer long. Amazing.

So, who wants to see what the vegetable garden looks like? Here we go!

RahelMenigPhotography_1991RahelMenigPhotography_1985New England Vegetable Garden by House of Menig

We’ve planted 57 heads of lettuce this year – with more coming to replace the first flush! You think that’s too much for a family of two? I thought so too, but nope! Since about a week we’ve been able to get a nice size salad each day, just by picking the outer leaves of the various lettuce heads. They taste so buttery and fresh and I’m craving them ALL.DAY.LONG

New England Vegetable Garden by House of MenigRahelMenigPhotography_1993

Just two days ago, I also set out my little tomato babies into their forever home. Yes, I raised them from seed, right outside the house! They had to survive almost freezing nights and now they’re strong and healthy and ready to grow big and tall! Plant count: 35 plants in 7 different varieties.


Our biggest surprise came from our 6 vigorous zucchini plants! These babies hit the ground running!

New England Vegetable Garden by House of Menig

The herbs – the only plants I didn’t raise from seed – are all growing well too. I’ve mixed and matched the front beds with edibles, herbs and flowers. I hope to attract bees and other pollinators, as well as get a few cutting flowers throughout the summer. Here we have dahlias, bee balms, cosmos, pink California poppies, evening primrose, rhubarb, chives, parsley, green + purple basil, thyme and lots more!


Another big experiment were the broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and brussels sprouts. I have no experience with them, but for now, the brussels sprouts have taken off and are growing like crazy. The broccoli, cabbage + cauliflower had a bit of a heat shock in our second real heatwave.. Not sure if they might be our first casualties…

New England Vegetable Garden by House of MenigNew England Vegetable Garden by House of Menig

This brings me to something I’ve wanted to share with any aspiring vegetable gardener. Here’s the deal, I have (almost) no clue what I’m doing. Sure, I’ve had a container veggie garden for the last three years, but mainly grew tomatoes and herbs and the occasional cucumber and zucchini.

The thing with a garden is, it’s all a big experiment! I’m treating my garden as that. One big (fun & exciting) experiment. Who cares if something dies? It’s not a big deal, and even more importantly, when you make mistakes you can learn from them. You eventually get better and the clueless guessing game becomes a more calculated endeavor. So go outside, get your fingers dirty and grow some veggies ๐Ÿ˜€



So much is going on right now. My parents are here for a visit, which means, day trips and lots of exploring. They are LOVING the new guest room and most of all, they just adore the brand spanking new shower!! Success!! ๐Ÿ˜€

The garden is coming along too, in fact, this morning we planted our first batch of seedlings into the raised beds! It’s so satisfying to see the little green babies in their much too big nursery and know that in a few weeks, we’ll be drowning in delicious salads! YUM.

The other day I’ve hung a couple of picture frames in the living room, although, I still need to fill them with actual artwork… But, I feel that things are sloooooowly coming along. My mom – a wizard behind the sewing machine – lengthened some gorgeous linen curtains I found on my last shopping trip. Oh my, I never thought I would love a fabric so much like I now love these linen curtains! Best part, they were only $20 for the pair!!!

Since really, there isn’t all that much to show you from our own house right now, I wanted to share some of my latest Pinterest finds. All right, here we go!

hydrangea garden design

Since planning the garden is the next big part of our house projects, I’ve been drooling over these two images. Left we have gorgeous hydrangeas, a plant I just adore. They’re so versatile and beautiful and make the best cut flowers too! On the right you can see my inspiration for the large hoop way into the veggie garden. Don’t you just love climbing roses?

Sources 1 / 2

White Scandinavian Design by House of Menig

Next up I’ve been crushing these very white and calm spaces. Left we have the perfect color combo of white, grey and wood with a few hints of gold. To the left you see the prettiest little coffee table and occasional chair. LOVE!

Sources 1 / 2

White Scandinavian Design by House of Menig

These next two are DIY inspirations. Wouldn’t one of these canvas bags look so chic in a bathroom, to gather all the dirty clothes!? On the right you’re looking at a cute (and easy to DIY) mirror. Think faux flowers and Plaster of Paris….

Sources 1 / 2

White Scandinavian Design by House of Menig

This serene kitchen space is yet another one of my latest finds. Love the color combo and of course, the floors! Opposite I’m crushing on the coolest wall treatment I’ve seen in a while! Textural shiplap in black. Well, not really shiplap, but what would you call this?? So cool!

Sources 1 / 2

White Scandinavian Design by House of Menig

Lastly another awesome DIY, this time even with a tutorial. Pillows made out of cotton rugs! To your right you see what dreams are made of: black and white floral wallpaper….. CRUSH!!!

Sources 1 / 2


Whew, you guys! We’ve been putting EVERYTHING into the barn – or the guest quarters – the last couple of weeks! New floors throughout, complete bathroom reno and now I’m putting on the finishing touches in my department: the decor! Honestly, the transformation is amazing and I wish we could clone ourselves and move our double selves right into the barn ๐Ÿ˜‰ LOL

Bathroom Reno by House of Menig

So on that note, there will be pictures in a few weeks, once everything is ready for our AirBnB guests!!

The other all-consuming project has been (and still is) the garden. Spring has sprung and we’re in the process of making all sorts of major decisions for the outdoors. When we first saw the house, the yard was unkept and quite ugly. Now glorious possibilities are emerging!

We began with the most pressing matter, the veggie garden. I grew up seeing my mom and both my grandmas gardening, heck, when I was little my grandma even let me have my own little plot once. What did I grow, you ask? Carrots! Not because I love carrots all that much, but because they attract swallow tail butterflies….. I was quite the nature girl ๐Ÿ˜‰

Back in March, I started an experiment called Winter Sowing. It’s a hands-off approach to raising your own plants from seed, without having to fuss over them for weeks. Basically you craft these make-shift tiny greenhouses out of milk jugs (and other containers), sow your seeds in the middle of winter to early spring and let nature take it from there. I’m happy to report that my experiment has been a full success!! It may not have looked so pretty, all this trash sitting around the kitchen entry, buuut I have plenty of healthy veggie seedlings growing that can soon be transplanted into the raised garden beds!

New England Vegetable Gardening Plans by House of MenigNew England Vegetable Gardening Plans by House of MenigWinter Sowing by House of Menig

We decided to create raised garden beds and make it a liveable space at the same time. Nothing beats versatility and functionality if you’re Swiss LOL

The nine beds were built in one afternoon, and they’re really quite simple to make. For each 6×4′ raised garden beds, we bought two boards 2 inches thick, 12 inches wide and 10 feet long. Then we cut them into 6 + 4 foot pieces and assembled the beds with outdoor screws.

Raised Garden Beds New England Vegetable Gardening Plans by House of Menig

We started out the first plot of beds with stakes already attacked to the corners. Later though, as we banged them into the ground, we had to remove the stakes, bang them in first and then attach the beds to the stakes. It was the only way to truly align the beds.

How to Build a Raised Garden Bed by House of MenigHow to Build a Raised Garden Bed by House of Menig

The veggie garden as it’s coming along…

New England Vegetable Gardening Plans by House of MenigHow to Build a Raised Garden Bed by House of MenigHow to Build a Raised Garden Bed by House of Menig

Miss Leya just loooooves to be part of everything. Such a great + happy pup!

How to Build a Raised Garden Bed by House of Menig

As you can see, we really wanted to stay away from a square box type of garden. Instead we wanted something unique and interesting to the eye. I think we accomplished these tasks! I cannot help myself looking outside the windows and just getting so excited for the next step – putting in soil and finally transplanting my seedlings into their new home!

Eventually there will be a pretty pathway leading up to the garden, with a large archway covered in climbing roses at the entrance. I’m also thinking of adding extra interest by building a cucumber trellis for the far back middle bed, as well as two vertical obelisks for pole beans or other climbers.


You know what the best thing is about paint? It’s not permanent!

When I painted the sewing nook blue, I felt right away that it wasn’t IT. Sure, the actual blue color was pretty, but it didn’t make me feel inspired or craftsy at all. So, back to the drawing board and a couple of months later, I was ready to buy a new gallon of paint!

Pink Wall in Craft Room by House of MenigPink Wall in Craft Room by House of Menig

This is what the room looked opposite of the pink wall….. LOL

Pink Wall in Craft Room by House of Menig

While I love pink, I didn’t want this nook to be overwhelming. I chose the most beautiful barely-there-pink I could find, Bridal Bouquet by the paint brand True Value. Two coats and 28 bucks later, I’m simply in LOVE with how the sewing nook turned out! The soft pink brings just the right amount of pretty into the space, without feeling too immature or girly.

Pink Wall in Craft Room by House of MenigPink Wall in Craft Room by House of Menig

The shelves Adrian built are just the BEST!! They are super strong and can easily hold all of my craft supplies – and they even make things look super good! Way to go for a half-day project that costs less than 50 bucks!

Pink Wall in Craft Room by House of MenigPink Wall in Craft Room by House of Menig

Since the floor is super uneven in this room, we’re going to put a little floating table below the window. Eventually.

Pink Wall in Craft Room by House of Menig

Paint really is an amazing way to change out the look and feel of a room entirely. But my biggest lesson with this was: good thing paint is cheap and not permanent. When you make a mistake with paint, it’s just so worth it to change it out, instead of trying to ‘grow to love it’ ๐Ÿ˜‰ Like in this case, a pink wall is much better than a blue one!

Pink Wall in Craft Room by House of MenigPink Wall in Craft Room by House of MenigPink Wall in Craft Room by House of Menig