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This blog should be re-named something along the lines of “House of Menig – how NOT to remodel a house”. In all seriousness though, we’re learning about two hundred and seven lessons a day. For example on how to whitewash wood floors.

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How to Whitewash Wood Floors / The Story Part 2 » House of Menig -

[…] half a meltdown, the floors in the craft/sewing room were finally whitewashed (read all about how to whitewash wood floors in Part 1) and all we had to do before using the room, was to apply a sealer. Easier said than done! But […]

Now that we’re getting real close to getting our bedroom done and ready to move into, I’ve collected some master bedroom inspiration and created a mood board for this room. Don’t you just love mood boards too? I think they’re the BEST! These mood boards always help me see the vision and not get side tracked by all the possibilities out there. They also help me share said vision with the hubby, real handy when you need to convince him that a plank wall really is THAT important on a particular wall ♥

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Although we’re still nowhere close to begin decorating for Christmas, I can’t keep my eyes off Pinterest during the short moments of internet tranquility I get in the evenings. We’re hoping real hard to move into the main house in one to two weeks (we’re currently living in the barn side of the house) and FINALLY put up our lovely flocked Christmas tree.

While I love Christmas decorations a ton, I’m not exactly a fan of the crazy red, green and gold extravaganza of American style Christmas decor. I prefer a more simple, a more calm approach. So here’s my list of 7 Simple & Cheap Ways to Decorate for Christmas! Enjoy – HOHOHO!!

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Living in New England and exploring trails & paths in our new neighborhood has been so rewarding. It’s not only great for exercise, it’s really great to air out your head after a long day of inhaling painting fumes – or to cool off when things are just not going the way they’re supposed to. Let’s be honest, there’s a lot of those moments during a home renovation!

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It’s pretty funny to think that the laundry room – the one room in this house that has zero importance – is getting a complete makeover first! Lowe’s has some really great Black Friday deals this month, we needed clean clothes and voila! There you go. Shiplap walls, plank floors and nautical shower curtain here we come!

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