Patio Umbrella Accessories

Elevate your outdoor relaxation with our Patio Umbrella Accessories, designed to harmonize convenience and stability. Here, you'll discover an assortment of robust and stylish umbrella bases, specifically tailored for market, offset, and cantilever umbrellas.


Product specification

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Max Weight

Iron Base


26 lbs



88 lbs

Compact Base


230 lbs

Medium Base


340 lbs

Large Base

Redwood / Sequoia

430 lbs

Mobile Base

Redwood / Sequoia

420 lbs

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Unparalleled Stability

Our bases keep your umbrellas steady, providing peace of mind even on breezy days.

Easy Mobility

Relocate your umbrella with ease, and let the shade follow your leisure.

Versatile Compatibility

Our bases accommodate a variety of umbrella styles, creating a cohesive outdoor aesthetic.

Patio Umbrella Accessories

Bluu umbrella bases match different patio umbrella series correspondingly. They are designed to add sufficient weight and to be durable.

Patio Furnitures

Our patio furniture is durable, stylish, and versatile, fitting perfectly into any outdoor space. Enjoy worry-free outdoor living that lasts through harsh weather conditions and the test of time.